Fujikura Ltd.



Fujikura is researching and developing sensor devices based on silicon and ceramics.
We have developed and mass-produced pressure sensors for MEMS devices from silicon materials and oxygen sensors of solid electrolyte devices from ceramic materials.

At present, we are developing a pressure sensor that can measure a wide range of pressures from fine pressure to high pressure by combining advanced etching technology, micro joining technology, diaphragm processing technology, and production technology cultivated in mass production. In particular, Fujikura's strength lies in its research and development of packaging that maximizes the performance of uniquely designed sensor chips.                                    
In addition, the critical current type oxygen sensor, which is a crystal of high mass-production processing technology and assembly technology that is well versed in ceramic fine control technology and ceramic material characteristics, is also a unique product realized by processing technology from raw materials and unique structure.

Fujikura's sensor devices, which have high stability, reproducibility and long-term reliability, are created from the accumulation of various know-how accumulated through the direct connection between R & D and plant mass production technology. We will continue to develop sensors with superior user interfaces through superior packaging while expanding the scope of measurement through ongoing research.

Package design technology that enable various forms and functions of pressure sensors On the right is a small package oxygen sensor designed for installation in portable equipment.

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