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Wireless Communication

It is a new technology platform for the future. In the super-smart society of the future, it is expected that various objects and people will be connected by IoT and wireless communications, and our company will strengthen research and development for wireless communications.

mm-Wave Wireless Communication Technology

Fifth-generation (5G) mobile communications systems, which will play an important role in the future information and communication infrastructure, are expected to widely deliver high-speed, high-capacity wireless communication services using extremely high frequencies (approximately 30 GHz or higher), called "millimeter wave (mmWave)". Since mmWave signals are easily attenuated and degraded compared to conventional microwave (several GHz or less) signals due to various factors, advanced technologies and innovative ideas are required to design and manufacture mmWave communication devices.

Fujikura has been conducting R&D to improve the performance and reduce the cost of mmWave communications devices. We have developed a 60 GHz mmWave phased array communications module that integrates a phased array antenna and a signal processing unit to simultaneously achieve the world’s top-class transmission speeds (> 2 Gbps) and long-distance transmission (> 500 m). We have also been developing radio frequency (RF) ICs and another phased array antenna module, FutureAccess™, which is equipped with the in-house RF-ICs for 5G base stations in the 28 GHz frequency bands. Furthermore, we have been focusing on the development of band-pass filters and other low-loss, high-performance devices to provide total support for new-generation mmWave communication devices. 

60 GHz mmWave Phased Array Communications Module

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28 GHz Phased Array Antenna Module: FutureAccess™

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IoT Wireless Communication Technology

The Sensor and System Research Department is developing a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC). It can generate electricity with high conversion efficiency even in low illumination areas where ordinary solar cells cannot generate efficiently. DSSC is a solar cell that is ideal for stand-alone power generation for sensor node used in a variety of situations, because it can generate electricity even under fluorescent lights and LEDs, and in northward or shady environments where direct sunlight cannot be obtained.
Our sensor nodes equip 5 sensors - Temperature/Humidity/Illuminance/Atmosphere/Human (only for indoor sensor node) - employing this DSSC as a power supply and the 920 MHz band multi-hop radio module that has a high obstacle avoidance performance. It does not require power supply construction at the time of installation, and reduces battery replacement maintenance, so it contributes to more simple and comfortable system operation.

Indoor sensor node Outdoor sensor node WBGT sensor node integrated with a black-globe

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