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CSV Strategy Aimed at Achieving SDGs

Initiatives to Achieve the SDGs

What are SDGs?

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) were adopted at a United Nations summit in September 2015. They consist of 17 major goals and 169 specific targets for achieving those goals.

SDGs Goals

Determining Priority Issues

In the Fujikura Group, we used the SDG Compass to determine priority issues to tackle in initiatives aimed at achieving the SDGs. We followed three steps to determine these priority issues, and selected six issues.

Five Steps of SDG Compass

Five Steps of SDG Compass

SDG Core Targets

Six SDG Targets Fujikura is Working Toward

SDGs Promotion Activities

Internal Activities

・SDGs Commitment by Top Management
As part of efforts to accelerate the Fujikura Group's commitment to the SDGs, we are relaying commitments from executives on what the Fujikura Group can do to achieve the SDGs.

・SDGs training for new employees and others
We provide training on the SDGs for new employees and other ranks. New employees were given a workshop in which each group selected an SDG goal and thought about how each of them could contribute to achieving that goal.

・Adding SDGs Contributions to Environmental Plans at Business Sites
Fujikura Sakura Works has added SDG icons to its existing environmental implementation plan. Fujikura is promoting efforts to achieve the SDGs, and each issue in the Environmental Implementation Plan is highly relevant to the SDGs, and we believe that our efforts will contribute to achieving the SDGs. We have recently revised the Environmental Implementation Plan as part of our efforts to raise awareness within the company. Each department implementing the plan has selected an SDG icon related to its activities, and we will further promote our activities by seeing the connection between our environmental activities and the SDGs as our own personal matter.


・SDG logo on regularly published technical magazine
・Proactively disclose initiatives in integrated reports and on ESG websites