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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This website collects information by using cookies to improve the convenience of visitors.

By using this website, the visitor agrees to the use of cookies in accordance with Fujikura's policy.

This policy provides information on cookies, our use of cookies, visitors’ options and other information related to cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file stored on computers of internet users.

A cookie is created by the Web page server as the data of operations performed by the computer on the website.

The information contained in the cookie is set to the server and used by the server each time the user visits the website.

A cookie itself does not contain personal information.

Fujikura's use of cookies

Fujikura uses cookies on Fujikura's websites.

We track cookie information in order to utilize it for future improvement of the websites, such as identifying frequently viewed pages and providing content related to the pages viewed by visitors.

The data we collect is also used for statistical analysis of the websites.

The following are the main data collected and processed when the pages on our websites are accessed.

  • Information on the visitor's computer which accessed the page (IP address)
  • OS used in the computer
  • URLs in the browsing history (referrer information of the website)
  • Date, time and duration of the server request
  • Pages and files viewed

Acceptance and rejection of cookies

We use cookies on our websites.

You can either accept or reject access to cookies.

Most browsers automatically access cookies, but you can set your browser to delete the cookies already stored on your computer or reject future access to cookies.

For the setting procedures, please refer to the help for operation of your browser.

If you need more information on cookies, please visit www.AboutCookies.org.

For more details on the collection and use of personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.