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R&D Policy

R&D Policy

Toward the Future of Connecting Technologies

Fujikura's Ever-evolving Research and Development

Fujikura has been contributing to society by building advanced technologies in the fields of power line systems and communication line systems. In the field of communication line systems, we have always pioneered cutting-edge technologies in the research and development (R&D) of optical fibers and their peripheral products. They replaced electric wires as the mainstream in the 1980s, and we have maintained the world's top-level technologies. We have been building a technology platform that creates high added value in the fields of telecommunication, electronics, and energy systems by applying our technologies related to electric wires and optical fibers to electronic products and automotive electrical products. We are further developing the platform to address challenges for a comfortable, sustainable future society.

Research and Development Based on the Technology Platform

In the field of telecommunication systems, we are working on the practical application of ultra-low-loss optical fibers and ultra-low-loss optical connectors to improve the basic characteristics of optical communication networks. To increase optical capacity, we are further advancing the SWR®/WTC® optical cables with a small diameter and densely packed numerous optical fibers by increasing the fiber count and reducing the diameter. Peripherals such as connectors, fusion splicers, and splice boxes comprehensively improve the efficiency of optical cable installation. To cope with further increases in transmission capacity, we are accelerating the practical application of multi-core optical fibers, in which multiple cores are arranged in a single fiber-optic glass.
Fujikura is developing high-power fiber lasers for industrial equipment by combining a wide range of optical-related technologies cultivated in the field of optical fibers for telecommunications. The fiber lasers are used for processing such as cutting and welding of metals. While commercializing high-power multimode fiber lasers, we are also conducting research and development of single-mode fiber lasers that enable high-precision, high-quality processing at high speed by narrowly focusing the output beam.
In addition to the technological foundation for optical fiber line systems, we are establishing a technological foundation for millimeter-wave wireless systems. In doing this, we combine millimeter-wave RF (radio frequency)-IC technology licensed from IBM in the U.S. with our antenna design and substrate manufacturing technologies. Toward the 5G era, we will commercialize millimeter-wave-band communication devices to be used in next-generation, high-capacity, high-speed, wireless communications. The communications include those between mobile communication base stations, their fronthaul, backhaul, and the last one mile of fixed-line communication networks.

Solving Social Issues with "Tsunagu (Connecting)” Technology

Digital transformation progresses in all areas of industry, social infrastructure, and daily life. To keep up with the changes, Fujikura needs to reconsider our accumulated core technologies for “Tsunagu (connecting)” Technologies from a new perspective of "connecting people and information more closely using information and communication technology." Through co-creating with leading companies and research institutes in Japan and overseas, Fujikura is considering a new-value-creating R&D system with new core technologies, combining our existing electronic and optical technologies with digital ones.