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Green Procurement and Purchasing

CSR Procurement Initiatives

The major premise in delivering products of high environmental quality to customers is that we must use materials and components that have high environmental quality, too. The Fujikura Group uses CSR procurement to make sure that our entire supply chain is environmentally friendly.

Fujikura Group Partners Meetings

Direct dialog with our suppliers is essential for pursuing CSR procurement and instilling it as a common practice.
We hold a Fujikura Group Partners Meeting in Tokyo and Shanghai every year and obtain the understanding and cooperation of our suppliers on implementing CSR procurement throughout the supply chain.

■ Things shared in Partners Meetings
• Fujikura Group business plan
• Explanation of businesses
• CSR Procurement Guidelines
• Important ESG-related themes
(We provide information on the importance of due diligence on human rights in the supply chain, trends in regulations on environmentally hazardous substances, response to climate changes, and other topics.)

Supply Chain Environmental Management Using the Fujikura Group CSR Procurement Guidelines

The Fujikura Group CSR Procurement Guidelines were revised to create the 5th version in August 2021. We comply with the latest version of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct. We specify concrete GHG reduction targets and document management, and work to ensure management throughout the supply chain.

Green Purchasing

The Fujikura Group posts a list of stationery and office equipment eligible for purchase on its intranet, where environmentally friendly models are indicated with the Eco Mark and Green Project Mark. Employees are encouraged to choose environmentally friendly products from the list when they want to purchase goods, in order to promote green purchasing across the Company.