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Fujikura Group CSR

Sustainability Management

The Fujikura Group conducts its CSR activities based on its mission statement in the Corporate Philosophy MVCV, which is to help customers create value and contribute to society through its "Tsunagu" technologies. To earn trust from society, we are conducting CSR activities based on ISO 26000, which is the international standard on social responsibility.

Fujikura Group CSR Philosophy, Basic Policy, Activity Guidelines

Fujikura Group CSR Philosophy

Fujikura Group believes that the corporate social responsibilities the Group should follow are comprised of activities required for sustainable corporate management and activities for the establishment of a sustainable society, based on Fujikura Group's Corporate Philosophy (MVCV).

Fujikura Group CSR Basic Principles

Fujikura Group aims to serve as a bridge to an affluent future for people, society and the global environment through "Tsunagu" Technologies by becoming a company that serves the anticipated growth and development of society. We have established the following four focus areas to fulfill our social responsibilities in all aspects of our corporate activities so that each and every employees will comply with the relevant laws and regulations of every country or region we operate in as well as international rules and social norms; become aware of his or her own role as a member of society, and act according to good social sense.

1. Sincere corporate activities 2. Concern for the environment 3. Respect for people 4. In harmony with society

Fujikura Group Activity Guidelines

Activities Supporting the UN Global Compact

Following a decision made by its CSR Committee (Management Committee) in July 2013, Fujikura Ltd. announced its support to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which outlines the universal and international principles on human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. Currently, we acquire the latest information through participation in the subcommittee, and are promoting penetration within the company, such as developing into internal divisions.

Participating subcommittees

  • CSV Subcommittee
  • SDGs Subcommittee
  • Anti-Corruption subcommittee
  • Human Rights Due Diligence subcomittee
  • GC's Internal Penetration Research Subcommittee
  • Supply Chain Subcommittee
  • Environmental Management Subcommittee

Respect for Keidanren "Charter of Corporate Behavior"

Fujikura respects the "Charter of Corporate Behavior" and the "Table of Contents of Implementation Guidance on Charter of Corporate Behavior" (7th edition) revised in November 2017 as a member company of the Japan Business Federation Federation.

We are aiming to realize a sustainable society by contributing toward achieving SDGs and promoting management with consideration of ESG.

Sustainability Management System

Since 2009, the Fujikura Group has mainly pursued sustainability through a management structure centered on the Group's CSR Committee.
In recent years, striving for sustainable growth based in ESG activities, rather than corporate social responsibility (CSR) alone, is being viewed as important, in an era where society is demanding response to climate change issues and institutional investors are basing investments on ESG.
The existing CSR Committee established the new Sustainability Strategy Council meetings to incorporate the ESG perspective into business plans, enhance corporate value, and achieve sustained growth (sustainability). The sustainability management system was updated at the same time to clarify the roles of existing meeting bodies in monitoring and supervision, and in execution.

Sustainability Management Structure