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The Fujikura Group's Declaration of Promoting Diversity

The Fujikura Group's Declaration of Promoting Diversity (Established on December 2016)

Promoting the Success of Women

General Business Owner Action Plan Based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

Action Plan Timeframe: April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2023
Numerical Targets
(1) Increase the percentage of female managers to at least 3.9% and the percentage of women at the assistant manager level to at least 13%.
(2) Increase the percentage of paid leave taken by employees to at least 60%.

External Assessments

Eruboshi Certification

Fujikura was awarded the highest level (3 stars) of Eruboshi certification, which the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare presents to companies with an excellent track record in implementing women’s empowerment initiatives based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. (March 2017)

Eruboshi Certification

Employment of People with Disabilities

From the viewpoint of realizing social responsibility and normalization (engaging in mutual assistance with disabled and seniors), we actively employ people with disabilities and strive to improve their working environments. To improve the working environment and make it easy for people with disabilities to work throughout the entire Fujikura Group, we will naturally achieve the statutory employment rate of 2.3% mandated from March 2021. We are also aiming to realize social responsibility and normalization.

Targets (FY2021 Mid-term)

Actual employment rate of persons with disabilities (legal employment rate: 2.3% as of June 2022)

End of FY2016 End of FY2017 End of FY2018 End of FY2019 End of FY2020 End of FY2021
2.0% 2.12% 2.24% 2.26% 2.36% 2.63%

* Applied to entire Group from fiscal 2016

Support System for People with Disabilities (Fujikura)

Support System Contents
-Special hospital leave system -Regular outpatient support for people with disabilities (6 days a year)
-Improvement of facilities -Toilets for people with disabilities / Parking lots / Setting up of lounge rooms

Special Subsidiary "Fujikura Cube"

The Fujikura Group basic principle on diversity states, “Create a corporate culture that encourages a range of human resources to proactively understand mutual characteristics, utilize their respective strengths, and make the most of their abilities.” We actively seek to employ people with disabilities and realize diversity and inclusion based on this principle.v
We are committed to complying with increases in the statutory employment rate to 2.3% under the national government’s policies aimed at realizing a society of coexistence where people with disabilities can live and work as a member of their own communities.
Fujikura Cube hopes to contribute to the regional employment of people with disabilities by expanding and enhancing the content of services provided and improving operating efficiency of the entire Group.
In addition, in October 2020, Fujikura Cube will receive a "Smile a lot! Friendly Office" certification. Under Chiba Prefecture's certification system for excellent offices for employment of persons with disabilities, offices that improve and devise employment management and workplace environment and make efforts for continued employment are certified, and through the introduction of examples of such efforts, contribute to the understanding and promotion of employment of persons with disabilities in the region.

In accordance with the policy of the company's establishment, we have continued to develop the following activities in FY2021 with the keyword "symbiosis".
1. on August 18, we took the stage at the "Chiba Prefecture Torch Festival" as a torch relay support runner for the TOKYO 2020 Paralympic Games. The selected employee, who regularly competes on a local marathon team for adults, was recommended by the Chiba Prefecture Liaison Association for Special Subsidiaries Employing People with Disabilities, of which Fujikura Cube is a member, and was appointed by Chiba Prefecture to be a support runner for the torch relay.
2. Wataru Ando, who has been with the company for three years, participated in the Japan Para Swimming Championships and the Japan Swimming Championships for the intellectually disabled, winning a total of three medals in both events (two gold and two silver). (In the 400m individual medley at the Japan Championships for the Mentally Handicapped on June 6, she set a new meet record of 5:53.61. It was a wonderful achievement. For his achievements, he was honored as the Chiba Prefecture Person of Merit in Sports for the Disabled and Outstanding Athlete of the Year 2021.
3. On December 20, 2021, the company was recognized as a "Sakura Universal Company. The Sakura Universal Company Award System is a system to commend business establishments in Sakura City that are actively employing people with disabilities, such as those that are making efforts to hire new employees with disabilities and those that are creating a comfortable working environment for people with disabilities. This system started this year, and Fujikura Cube was the first recipient of the commemorative award.

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Appointment of Foreign Employees

As we continue to advance global management, and as the need arises for human resources management that transcends borders, we currently have more than 50 foreign employees even within Japan.
Currently, due in part to Corona, physical exchanges across countries are not progressing as smoothly as we would like, but we are working to create a seamless environment that utilizes online resources to connect us with countries around the world.

FY2021 Plans and Results

FY2021 Plan FY2021 Results
1. Horizontal deployment of group-wide HR platform ・Introducing and operating grade-based compensation system for 9 domestic and 4 overseas companies
2. Promotion of talent management and group development through the use of a human resources database ・Eight domestic affiliates and one overseas affiliate have introduced and are operating a common evaluation system.
3. Holding regular meetings and training sessions for personnel managers of overseas subsidiaries ・Not implemented due to Corona