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Environmental Activities

Cool Biz/Warm Biz implementation

The Fujikura Group supports and is working to promote the Ministry of the Environment's"Cool Biz" campaign, which promotes lifestyle habits that allow people to live comfortably even in the summer, and the "Warm Biz" campaign in the winter.

Promotion of My Cup/My Bottle Campaign

The Fujikura Group is promoting resource and energy saving activities, and as part of this we are promoting the use of our own cups and bottles. This is an attempt to make it a habit to refrain from purchasing plastic bottles and using paper cups.

Eco cap collection activity

The Fujikura Group is promoting an "eco cap collection activity" to collect plastic bottle caps. The collected eco-caps are turned into recycled plastic raw materials and converted into cash through NPOs and other organizations, and used for various social contribution activities such as medical support and environmental education for children.
The number of plastic bottle caps collected by the Fujikura Group in 2022 was approximately 256,000 (including those collected by the Fujikura Labor Union).

Green space maintenance

Fujikura Cube is engaged in greening work and environmental improvement at Fujikura's head office and Sakura Works. We are actively working on initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions, such as managing planting and installing green curtains.

Environmental activities at each base and group company

Exhibited at Koto Ward Environmental Fair (Head Office)

Fujikura exhibited at the 15th Koto Ward Environmental Fair, which is held in June, Koto Ward's Environment Month, with the aim of deepening understanding and interest in environmental conservation. At the Fujikura booth, in line with the theme of this year's environmental fair, "Let's work to reduce carbon dioxide emissions," we introduced the "Fujikura Kiba Millennium Forest," explained optical fiber cables, and introduced environmentally friendly products. We exhibited the small-diameter, high-density optical fiber cable "Spider Web Ribbon®/Wrapping Tube Cable® (SWR®/WTC®)."

Participation in local cleanup activities (Numazu Works)

At the Numazu Works, three nearby companies conducted a cleanup activity along Senbonhama Beach. Since June is Environment Month, we have been holding cleanup activities continuously, but due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it has been held for the first time in three years. We spent an hour picking up trash such as empty cans and paper plates.

Registered with the "Let's keep it clean Oita promotion project" and conducted cleaning activities (Nishi Nippon Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.)

Nishi Nippon Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. has registered with the "Let's Clean Oita Promotion Project" promoted by Oita City, and we are also conducting cleanup activities around our offices.

Participating in the “Greening of the Plant” project(Fujikura Automotive Ukraine Lviv, LLC.)

FAUV in Ukraine is participating in the "Greening of the Plant" project and carrying out tree planting activities.

Zero waste project(Fujikura Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.)

Each of FETL's factories is implementing a "zero waste" project, such as changing the processing method for used work gloves, organic solvents, hydraulic oil, etc. to recycling.

light down campaign(Fujikura Automotive America LLC.)

The FAA in the United States conducted a lights-down campaign to raise employee awareness about saving electricity and preventing global warming.

International Earth Day/National Tree Day (Fujikura Automotive Paraguay S.A.)

To commemorate International Earth Day, a day on April 22nd that commemorates the importance of the earth and all life forms that inhabit it, FAP in Paraguay gave its employees saplings to reduce carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.
Additionally, the purpose of National Tree Day, which is celebrated on June 19 every year, is to raise awareness about the importance of planting native trees and protecting and conserving existing trees. For this reason, we promote conservation by donating native seedlings to our employees.