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Fujikura Group’s Value Creation

The 2030 Vision

Through Open Innovation,
We Will Work on Realizing the 2030 Vision

The Fujikura Group formulated the 2030 Vision in March 2017.While the world is trying to change with unprecedented scale and speed, it is indispensable to properly respond to the issues of the coming "MIRAI" society in order to open up the future of the Group itself thinking about. Although it is a future that can not be reached by the accumulation from the present condition alone in 2030, it is a time axis suitable for drawing milestones, not merely reachable, and setting milestones towards it.
Under the slogan that the Fujikura Group solves the problems of a comfortable and sustainable MIRAI society by continuously providing a Tsunagu solution, and continually enhances corporate value, the four assumed markets We will work on the creation of new value through open innovation in the field (Advanced Communication, Energy & Industry, Life-Assistance, Vehicle).

2030 Vision

Four market areas and value to offer

Four market areas and value to offer

Advanced Communication

We will contribute to the realization of a comfortable society that is full of vitality and that erases the boundaries between people, goods, and information by providing even more advanced communication in various forms, based on the evolution of sensing networks.

  • Creating business opportunities and value for society in Fujikura
     • Continuous expansion of the telecommunications systems business through optical networking solutions (optical cables + equipment components + fusion splicers + construction + route design)
     • Entrance into the 5G mmWave infrastructure market through phased array antenna modules
     • Establishment of telecommunication infrastructure to handle the growth in data transmission capacity (wireless and 6G, Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) concept, etc.)

Energy & Industry

We will contribute to the realization of sustainable planet by building systems for highly sustainable power sources, storage, and management that will result in a stable supply of energy, and by using processing technology and digital technology powered by highly efficient, high density energy to achieve advanced manufacturing.

  • Creating business opportunities and value for society in Fujikura
     •Demand for renewable energy transmission cables, upgrades, etc. in the renewable energy area
     •Supporting new technological innovations in the superconductor technology area
     •IoT solutions using dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC), which are environmentally friendly power generation devices


We will improve healthcare, increase health literacy, and contribute to extending the healthy lifespan of people and improving QoL that extends through a person’s entire life by providing various solutions aimed at advanced healthcare, local communities, and occupations based on a QoL platform.

  • Creating business opportunities and value for society in Fujikura
     •Expansion into the medical field using existing technology (hearing aids, endoscopes, pressure sensors)
     •Joint development of new employment services for people with disabilities through open innovation


We will contribute to the realization of a society that enables comfortable and safe mobility and transport by providing new means of mobility that anyone can enjoy, the means to transport goods on-demand at a low cost, and the transportation infrastructure and systems to support those means.

  • Creating business opportunities and value for society in Fujikura
     •Supporting electric vehicle (EV) demand with rapid charging connectors, etc.
     •Organic use of technologies Fujikura possesses in the electronics field, such as FPC, connectors, sensors, and thermal
     •Technological support for MaaS start-ups for realizing a society with new forms of mobility