Fujikura Ltd.

R&D for the Future

Our company is committed to research and development for the future, not just for today's technology platforms. In 2019, we established a new laboratory "Advanced Research Core" to conduct advanced basic research.

Advanced Research

Advanced Research Core, a research center for advanced basic research, was established in 2019.

Our goal is to create technologies that will blossom in 10 years by envisioning the society 20 years from now, and to make this a reality, we aim to foster creative researchers with a far and wide view of the world.
In order to respond to the rapidly changing times, our research activities are based on collaboration with leading research institutions around the world toward a single goal that we have set. We would also like to create a flexible work style that allows researchers to focus on their true purpose of "creating new things and enriching the world".
We are taking on the challenge of creating new technologies in new ways for the next era.

For inquiries regarding research and development, please contact us from here.