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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Fujikura, in order to fulfill our social responsibility as a company that protects the privacy of each stakeholder starting with our customers at first, we firmly believe that personal information provided through our business (name, address, phone number, mail address, etc., any information that can be used to identify individuals) must be handled properly.

In addition to strict compliance with the related laws, regulations and guidelines set forth by the relevant Ministries of Japan, we also endeavor to exercise the proper handling of personal information through corporate regulations that establish internal systems and management mechanisms for personal information and provide training and education for our employees.

The basic policy regarding the proper handling of personal information held by Fujikura is as follows.

  1. Purpose of use, etc.
    • Personal information provided by unspecified people at exhibitions, events, websites, etc.
      Execution of the purpose presented at times of providing personal information
      Answer to inquiries to our company
      Measures to improve customer satisfaction based on our management policy (MVCV)
    • Personal information received from everyone who visited Fujikura
      Identity verification
    • Personal information provided by customers and business partners
      Execution of transactions with our company
      Business communication
    • Personal information associated with recruitment activities
      Examination of recruitment
      Schedule adjustment such as interviews
      Sending of required documents
    • Personal information of officers and employees
      Handling of personal information (purpose of use, scope of use, management law, etc.) of executives and employees (including retirees) is defined as management regulations and posted on our internal network. At the time of joining the company, we explain the contents of the regulations and obtain consent regarding the acquisition and use of personal information.
    • Other personal information provided through business
      We want to provide our customers and stakeholders with a variety of information about our activities in order for them to properly understand our company, and the acquired personal information may be used for such a purpose. In addition, the information provided by our company is not limited to the ones related to our products and services, but covers all aspects of our activities, such as figures information on our business conditions.
  2. Proper handling, etc.
    Fujikura handles personal information within the scope of the purpose of use described above and any purpose reasonably deemed to be related to it. In addition, personal information may be collected by an appropriate method within this range.
    Fujikura may outsource the handling of personal information to third parties. In that case, our company will carry out necessary and sufficient measures for the consignee according to the law.

  3. Provision to third parties
    Fujikura does not provide personal information to third parties except as required by law and with the prior consent of the individual.

  4. Disclosure
    If an individual requests disclosure, correction, deletion or discontinuation of use of personal information collected and held by Fujikura in accordance with the procedures outlined in the next article, Fujikura will satisfy the request within a reasonable period and scope of action in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

  5. Application for disclosure
    Requests related to personal information collected by Fujikura in connection with article above and other inquiries related to personal information should be submitted by following the procedure below.
    Fujikura may not accept a request or inquiry if it is not submitted in accordance with the specified procedure. Any fees incurred to respond to the request or inquiry such as the mailing costs shall be borne by the person submitting the request or inquiry.
    Complete the Personal Information Inquiry Form provided on the Fujikura website (⇒click here) with the requested information and click the Send button to submit the form to Fujikura Ltd.
    In response, Fujikura will send detailed instructions including the documents required for personal identify confirmation. Please submit your official request or inquiry in accordance with the stated procedure.