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Special Initiatives of the Fujikura Group

Enhancing the Value of Human Resources Through Health Management

Employee Health is an Important Management Resource

The Fujikura Group believes that corporate competitive strength is based on good employee health. We recognize that the health of our employees is an important management resource for continuing to be a company that is appreciated by society.In 2014, we announced the Fujikura Group Health Management Declaration, aiming to become a corporate group that is "appreciated by our customers, highly valued by society, and our employees working vigorously" through active support for individual voluntary health activities and promotion of organizational health activities.

Recognized as a Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization (Llarge enterprise category) in 2024

Fujikura was recognized as a Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization (large enterprise category) in 2024 for its initiatives in health management.

Strengthening Occupational Health

In order to create a workplace where employees can work in good health and with peace of mind, and to support diverse work styles, Fujikura has established various health-related regulations, implemented measures to prevent overwork, created an environment where employees can consult with us when they have problems, supported their return to work, helped them balance work and medical treatment, and provided various education and training programs including self-care and line care.

Collaboration health between employers and health insurance societies with occupational health professionals

Regular Health Exams that exceed the legally mandated exams

In addition to the legally required items, regular health checkups include cancer screening and other items focused on early detection and early treatment.

Specific Health Examination and Specific Health Guidance (Collaborative Health)

Focusing on visceral fat syndrome (metabolic syndrome), we conduct specific health checkups and specific health guidance with the aim of decreasing the number of people with or without lifestyle-related diseases (disease prevention) by providing health guidance to change and improve lifestyle habits that contribute to the syndrome. (For all subscribers between the ages of 40 and 74)

Education and training on improving health consciousness and knowledge (health literacy)

We provide opportunities to learn about health through various training programs with the aim of encouraging autonomous health promotion behavior by improving the health literacy of each employee.

Establishment of various consultation contacts

In-house consultation services for mental and physical health by medical professionals have been established. We have also introduced an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and online health counseling services by outside staff.

Measures to prevent passive smoking

To prevent employees from passive smoking, we aim to abolish all smoking areas on the premises by the end of FY2023, and are promoting measures such as phased closure of smoking areas and limiting the hours of use of smoking areas. At the same time, we hold smoking cessation seminars at each business site to reduce the health risks associated with smoking, and subsidize the cost of smoking cessation treatment.

Programs to establish exercise habits

Data analysis revealed a correlation between flexibility and the results of health checkups, etc. Therefore, Fujikura has created its own stretching exercises to promote employee health and prevent illness, which are performed every day after lunch breaks.