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Fujikura Group’s Social Media Policy

Fujikura Group’s Social Media Policy

Fujikura Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fujikura”) defines the manners and the code of conduct that the directors and employees of Fujikura and its all subsidiary companies (hereinafter referred to as “Fujikura Group,” and when referring to the directors and employees of Fujikura Group, “Fujikura Group Members”) shall comply when they use social media services as below.

  1. Fujikura Group Members shall comply with the Fujikura Group’s Code of Conduct and other internal rules set by Fujikura or its each subsidiary company and strive to establish good communication with stakeholders and other users with dignity and good sense.
    Code of Conduct
  2. Fujikura Group Members shall post information on the Internet with the understanding that a large number of unspecified users can access it and that it cannot be deleted completely once it is disclosed. Furthermore we strive not to violate fundamental human rights, intellectual property rights, privacy rights and other rights.
  3. Fujikura Group Members shall handle obtained personal information appropriately according to Privacy Policy set by Fujikura or its each subsidiary company.
    Privacy Policy

Introduction and Request to Users who Access to Fujikura Group’s Official Accounts

  • Regarding official announcements from Fujikura Group, please refer to the press releases posted on the Fujikura Group’s website.
  • How to reply to your post (including time and do or not) may differ from each account. In addition, we do not guarantee to reply to all the comments on the official accounts.
  • We are not liable for any damages, disadvantages, or troubles caused by using the information posted by the official accounts (including changes and abolition of the official accounts). In addition, we are not responsible for any troubles or disputes between users or between a user and the third party in relation to the official accounts.
  • When you use the official accounts, you shall refrain from sending contents that correspond to the following issues or that may do so to other users, Fujikura Group or Fujikura Group Members. When information that applies to any one or more of these issues is posted, Fujikura may take measures including the deletion or other necessary ways.
    1. Content against public policy or law
    2. Content related to criminal act
    3. Content causing malicious slander, disadvantage, or damage
    4. Content infringing the rights of intellectual property including copyright, or property, image, privacy, personal information or other rights
    5. Content including harmful program
    6. Content on political activity, election campaign, or religious activity
    7. Content including spoofing or completely false information
    8. Content for commercial purposes
    9. Content irrelevant to the Fujikura Group’s official account
    10. Content banned by each social media service companies
    11. Contents that the Group consider inappropriate other than the above

Fujikura Group official accounts

Fujikura Group official account

For inquiries on social media should be directed to:
Fujikura inquiry form