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Work-Life Balance

Basic Principles / Guidelines

The Fujikura Group helps employees achieve work-life balance, while respecting diverse values and lifestyles, in hopes of supporting the achievement of both business growth and enriched personal lifestyles.


The existing rules on working from home were revised in January 2021 to adjust to new normal conditions, expanding the system’s scope of use. The limit on the number of days permitted for telecommuting was eliminated, the number of people eligible was expanded, a telecommuting allowance was established, and other steps taken to expand the system.

Initiatives Aimed at Promoting Telecommuting (FY2020)

  • Employees were surveyed
    The Telecommuting Efficiency Improvement Team produced the Telecommuting Etiquette Series and Collection of Cases of Telecommuting Workstyles to share telecommuting etiquette and expertise.

Vacation Rollover System

Up to 100 days of annual paid vacation that has expired after two years can be banked for leave. Leave for temporary school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic was added to the purposes for using vacation days that have been carried over from April 2021 as one part of the childcare support for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Those who are eligible may submit a request to take the necessary amount of vacation up to 10 days in one fiscal year vacation cycle to care for children who are at home due to temporary closure of the school, kindergarten, or daycare center they attend.

  • Purpose of Use
     1.When taking 7 or more consecutive days of vacation for non-work-related illness or injury
     2.When used from the beginning of leave for nursing care leave
     3.When used for (volunteer) community and social contribution activities
     4.When used for temporary school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Measures to Ensure Appropriate Working Hours

Fujikura Group Management of Adequate Working Hours Activity Policy

The Fujikura group proactively addresses Management of adequate working hours activities, such as institutional and organizational climate reforms, etc., in order to create the environment where diverse human resources can demonstrate their abilities to the utmost, and to realize the enhancement of corporate value.

Fujikura Ltd. works to ensure appropriate working hours as one of its most important management issues that will help improve the value of the company and its human capital. We strive to ensure local compliance and reduce overtime work hours across the entire Group. In June 2014, we documented the Group's policies on appropriate working hours and have been conducting related activities regarding the following as the three pillars of these policies.

In April 2017, we established the Labor-Management Study Committee for Workplace Reform and are working vigorously to reform the way we work. The committee is composed of people from the Human Resources Department and the labor union. Average overtime hours worked per month in FY2020 decreased by roughly 50% compared to FY2015, reflecting the benefits achieved from activities.

Promotion of Work-Life Balance and Development of Work Environment

List of Work-Life Balance Support Systems

An overview of work-life balance support systems can be found at:

9th General Business Owner Plan Based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

Plan timeframe: April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2023
 Goal One: Provide support to facilitate a smooth return to work for female employees on childcare leave
 Goal Two: Implement measures to encourage male employees to take childcare leave
 Goal Three: Expand the support system for achieving a balance in work and childcare
 Goal Four: Establish a workplace environment that facilitates balance in work and childcare

Kurumin Certification

Fujikura has been awarded the Kurumin certification logo mark for being a next-generation business that supports childcare three times (2011, 2016, and 2017).

Kurumin Certification

Participation in the IkuBoss Business Alliance

Fujikura joined the IkuBoss Business Alliance, sponsored by the NPO Fathering Japan (Representative Director: Tetsuya Ando) in November 2016 to promote diversity and work style reforms.

Participation in the IkuBoss Business Alliance