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Development of Global Human Resources

Developing Human Resources Underpinning Our Global Business

The Fujikura Group has over 50,000 employees across more than 20 countries and regions. Our people develop innovative and useful products and solutions, aiming to be a trusted partner for customers through "TSUNAGU" technologies used in manufacturing. The key to further enhancing these efforts is global human resources that can play an active role internationally. Human resource development activities toward this end are an important pillar of management that will pave the way for the Group’s future.

Basic Philosophy and Policy on Human Resources Development

Under the Group HRM Vision, we foster a sense of ownership in our diverse workforce to act on a policy of “everyone is a star,” regardless of nationality, race, gender, religion or age. We also take steps to develop talent who can spearhead reforms while respecting, cooperating with, and motivating one another.

Approaches to Human Resources Development

Human resources development at Fujikura focuses on on-the-job training (OJT) at each workplace, correlating evaluations with development efforts to empower employees to take the lead in developing their own careers. Supervisors also consider job rotations for development purposes based on discussions with their subordinates. In addition, we introduced the Career Challenge System providing open recruitment of unfilled positions within the company to make it easier for employees to seize the opportunity and achieve their career ambitions. This fosters independence in our people. The system is operated as a comprehensive system for human resources development.

Human Resources Development Programs

Theme    Details
1.Career development 1)Career start-up assistance - Group training (group training for employees in their first or second year with the company starting out their career)
-Individual programs led by mentors (OJT)
2)Elective training A system is in place to identify necessary knowledge and skills for each career stage and role together with supervisors through evaluations, create individual career development plans, and select from a wide range of training programs suited to individual needs (outside group training, e-learning, correspondence education, etc.)
Examples: logical thinking, communication skills, problem solving, team and organizational management, business administration, language, and IT
3)Next-generation management career support (selective training) Leadership training that develops leaders in individual fields and intensive management training to develop the executives of tomorrow
4)Lifelong learning programs Life planning seminar for employees several years prior to retirement and job placement services post-retirement for employees who desire to continue working
2.Compliance related program Various training on a company’s corporate social responsibilities (fair trade, export control, labor affairs, etc.)
3.Operational specialist related program Specialized education conducted by relevant departments in charge covering topics such as quality, manufacturing, intellectual properties, legal affairs, labor affairs, and accounting

Promoting Self-Development (Incentive Programs)

Theme Details

Correspondence education and outside training

- Correspondence education offers access to more than 300 classes based on individual purpose and plan.
- Outside training involves taking part in training programs with participants from other companies.
- Subsidy programs

Language education

- TOEIC preparatory classes (2 times a year)
- English language and Japanese language training
- Overseas language study
- Subsidy programs

Special Research Fellow Certification System

Fujikura has a system for supporting those with stellar academic evaluations who have demonstrated both laudable personal characteristics and predominant expertise in research and development through certification as special research fellows. Employees certified as special researchers also receive compensation on par with officers. Currently, two employees have been certified as special research fellow. While serving as role models for other employees, they are aiming for even greater achievements in various technical and R&D fields.

Activities for Human Resources Development

Activities and Results in FY2018

Fujikura offered a number of training opportunities. These include human resources development training comprised of group wide training on common company-wide themes along with correspondence education, e-learning and programs aiding self-development. In addition, specialized education was provided by relevant departments in charge on such topics as quality, manufacturing, intellectual properties and legal affairs. Others included compliance training and risk management training, and so on.

Educational Cost by employee

Main Activities for Human Resources Development

  • Required training, new hire training, language training, company and business office training
  • Health and safety, mental health, health management training, BCP/BCM training
  • Management philosophy, CSR, manufacturing, quality, environment training, intellectual property and brand logo training
  • Compliance, risk management, e-learning