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Conform to the requirements of the Japanese Cable Makers' Association Standard (JCS 5402).
  • Every core can be identified
    Insulation is color coded to allow identification of every core by means of individual or combination of colors. This eliminates possible connection errors and improves the efficiency of field wiring work.

  • Noise immunity
    Standard FCPEV cables are shielded. Standard shield is a combination of aluminum laminated polyester tape and drain wire, which facilitates grounding. Optional shields such as copper tape shield and copper wire braid shield are also available.

  • Flammability and weatherability
    FCPEV cables are flame-retardant with black polyvinyl chloride sheath, and exhibit excellent weatherability. They can be used for outdoor installation in non-flooded areas.

  • Cables meeting eco-specifications are also available.


  • FCPEV cables are telecommunication cables designed for use in a variety of applications including telephone lines, instrumentation, data transmission lines, etc.