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  1. Low losses
    Insulation using high foamed polyethylene ensures low losses. Electrical characteristics of NLT-HFBL cables are equivalent to those of conventional HFL coaxial cables.

  2. High noise immunity
    The outer conductor is composed of three layers of aluminum laminated plastic tape, tinned annealed copper wire braid and aluminum laminated plastic tape. This combination ensures excellent noise immunity.

  3. Easy connector attachment
    The outer conductor's inner and outer aluminum laminated plastic tapes are bonded to the insulation and the sheath respectively so they will not turn up while being attached to a connector.

  4. High reliability
    NLT-HFBL coaxial cables offer the same high reliability as HFL series cables, and are as easy to handle as the FB series.

  5. Environmentally friendly
    Conform to the RoHS directive. Contain no halogenated substances.


  • NLT-HFBL coaxial cables are designed to meet the requirements of two-way communication systems, and are suitable for the branch line or drop wire system from the main CATV cable line.