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Film Antenna


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  • Highly adhesive to glass panes
  • Highly transparent
  • Electrical circuits of arbitrary shape can be formed on a thin PET film
  • Possible to achieve low-resistance electrical circuits
  • Available in a wide variety of designs
  • High flexibility and adhesion to curved surfaces
  • No discoloration when exposed to sunlight


  • Diversity antennas mounted on window glass
    ⇒For FM-VICS, ATV, DTV (one-or full-segment), and GPS
  • RF-ID tag antennas
  • Electrostatic sensors




Material Thickness
Film PET 25 to 188μm
Circuit Ag 10μm
Circuit protection Clear resist 10μm

Test item Test content Value
Adhesion Peel strength from glass panes 20N/25mm or higher
Circuit resistance Electrical resistance of a conductor 1mm in width and 100mm in length 2Ω or less
Total light transmission Measured with film antenna attached to slide glass About 90%*
Environmental resistance Weather resistance Kept in a sunshine weather meter for 300 hours. No discoloration
Kept in a UV carbon fade meter for 400 hours. No discoloration
Heat resistance test 80°C No dimensional change
No discoloration
Rate of change in electrical resistance: 10% or less
Heat and humidity resistance test 50°C×95%RH
Heat and humidity cycle test From -30°C to 80°C, and then to 50°C at 90%RH

* Note: Total light transmission depends on the thickness of the PET film.

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