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Message from the President

Message from the President

A message from Naoki Okada, who assumed the position of Director, President and CEO of Fujikura Ltd. on April 1, 2022.

The Fujikura Group has long contributed to the development of society and our customers in the areas of telecommunication systems, energy, electronics, and automotive products, based on our corporate philosophy and mission, which is to create exceptional value for our customers around the world using "tsunagu" ("connecting") technologies. We dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional products and solutions, earning our customers' trust and contributing to society.

Fujikura exists to create customer value and contribute to society through our unique capabilities. This is precisely why I think such contributions are the only to path to ensure the Company’s continued existence.

The world will continue to undergo great transformation and witness a myriad of technological innovations in the future. I think such social changes and technological advancements will always provide opportunities for us to utilize the superb capabilities of the Fujikura Group.

All officers and employees in the Fujikura Group will unite to create a new Fujikura. We will take action to promote the continual metabolization of change aimed at transformation and contribute to society by connecting our superb capabilities to the creation of value for customers. I am confident that this will enable Fujikura to grow together with our customers and other stakeholders.

Our entire management team will work to meet the steadily increasing expectations of our stakeholders in recent years concerning the pursuit of sustainable corporate growth and sustainability. I therefore ask for your continued understanding and steady support in the future.

April 2022
Naoki Okada
Director, President and CEO