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Message from the President

Message from the President

 Since its establishment in 1885, Fujikura Group has contributed to the creation of value of our customers and the development of society in various fields, including energy, telecommunications, electronics, and automotive products, based on its DNA of “Enterprising Spirit,” which take on new challenges and "Fujikura, a technology leader," which pursues advanced technologies.

 The world will continue to undergo significant changes and diverse technological innovations. Wherever there are social changes and technological advancements, we believe there will always be opportunities to take advantage of the Fujikura Group's superior technologies.

 In response to these changes, we believe that creating value for our customers and contributing to society through "Tsunagu" technology is our purpose and the raison d'etre.

 In May 2023, we announced the "2025 Mid-Term Management Plan," a medium-term management plan ending in fiscal year 2025. Under this medium-term plan, we have positioned "Information Infrastructure," "Information Storage," and "Information Terminal" as our three core business areas, centered on "Tsunagu" technology, which we are proud of. We will continue to create value for customers and contribute to society by focusing on these fields as "Fujikura a technology leader," achieving sustainable growth and enhancing our corporate value.

 The entire management team is committed to meeting the expectations of our stakeholders, and we would like your continued support and understanding of our group.

August 2023
Director, President and CEO
Naoki Okada