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Silicone rubber insulated coaxial cables




  1. Flame protection
    The cables pass the fire resistance test (30 minutes resistance to fire at 840°C) specified in the notification issued by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency.

  2. Flame retardation
    The cables pass the Vertical-tray Fire-Propagation and Smoke-Release Test of IEEE383.

  3. Heat resistance
    The maximum allowable temperature for continuous use is as high as 150°C

  4. Simple construction
    Requiring no special flame protection layer or flame retardation layer, the cables are easy to handle and facilitate terminal treatment.

  5. Adaptable to general-purpose connectors
    The cables are sized to meet the major dimensions specified by the relevant Japanese Industrial Standard and so can be attached to general-purpose connectors.

  6. Conform to the RoHS directive.


  • These cables use low-loss silicone rubber for insulation, which is far superior to normal polyethylene in terms of flame protection, flame retardation and heat resistance, and are the ideal choice for applications where such properties are essential.