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Green Procurement and Purchasing

To bring products of high environmental quality to customers, the most important thing is that environmental quality of the materials and parts of our manufactured goods is high. Fujikura takes the following steps to ensure environmentally hazardous materials are not used.

Green Achievement Activities

Inspection for Environmentally Hazardous Materials

Fujikura sends "Environmental Hazard Guidelines" to key suppliers and while spreading this information, we implement inspections for the existence of environmentally hazardous materials. If they are present, their presence is managed in ppm.

Supplier Requirements

We make these environmental management requirements of key suppliers.

Analysis and Management of Products Purchased In-Company

To ensure steady acquisition of safe products, our company uses top-level techniques with ISO/IEC17025 approval as well as analyzing and managing environmentally hazardous materials in purchased goods.

Inorganic Substance Analysis XRF, ICP-OES, UV-VIS, Combustible IC, etc.
Organic Substance Analysis Thermal Extraction GC/MS, GC/MS, LC/MS/MS, etc.

Requirement of Inspection and Improvement of Environmental Situation Management

We have implemented the following inspections of environmental situation management for key suppliers. The inspections showed a large environmental impact meaning that there was insufficient environmental situation management, and we requested improvements from those suppliers.

Green Purchasing

Fujikura posts purchasing lists for office supplies and equipment on our intranet, where Eco-friendly products are displayed with Eco-marks or green marks. We promote green purchasing for people who wish to choose these Eco-friendly goods.

Analysis of Environmentally Hazardous Materials

Status of Preparation of Environmentally Hazardous Material Analysis Devices at Production Bases

The Fujikura group has installed analysis equipment at key production bases, managing the presence of hazardous materials in manufactured goods. The environment and analysis center regularly offers engineering guidance for analysts at production bases.

Status of Preparation of Environmentally Hazardous Material Analysis Devices at Production Bases

Acquisition of Environment and Analysis Center ISO/IEC17025

Fujikura acquired ISO/IEC17025 laboratory accreditation* for RoHS designated material analysis in manufactured goods in 2004, and began analysis for the presence of RoHS designated materials in procured components and materials. Currently we have also acquired accreditation for halogen analysis as well as RoHS designated materials, and we are able to proffer highly trustworthy analysis data recognized overseas.

* The concerned laboratories are inspected by a third-party certifying body to measure the laboratory's capabilities (implementation of tests and reporting of results).

Acquisition of Environment and Analysis Center ISO/IEC17025