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0.41μm band PANDA fiber

Fujikura PANDA fibers have a superior optical property in polarization-maintaining because of the symmetrical accuracy in cross section and the uniform constitution of stress applying parts. Based on Fujikura's fiber technology, PANDA fibers have a universal quality with not only low polarization-crosstalk and low attenuation but also the broad suitability for fusion-splice or optical connector.

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  • 0.41μm band (violet-blue light) polarization maintaining fiber
  • Low loss and low polarization crosstalk
  • Pure silica core suitable for high energy light transmission.
  • RoHS compliant


Common specifications
Mode field diameter 3.5±0.5µm@0.41μm
Concentricity error ≤0.5µm
Cladding diameter 125±1µm (Major diameter)
Attenuation ≤50dB/km@0.41μm
Cutoff wavelength 0.33-0.40µm
Polarization crosstalk ≤-30dB/100m@0.41μm
Beat length ≤1.7mm@0.41μm
Minimum bending radius 1% proof : R30mm*
2% proof : R20mm
Product list
Product Coating structure Coating diameter
SC40-PS-H90D UV curable acrylate
/Polyester elastomer (Color : Black)
SC40-PS-U40D UV curable acrylate 400±15µm
SC40-PS-U25D 245±15µm

*1% proof test type is standard. 2% proof test type is available, and code '-H' is added at the end of the product name. (e.g. SM15-PS-U40D-H)


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