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Patch cord

Fujikura provides the optical fiber Patch cord, Hybrid patch cord and Pigtail for laying in indoor installation and designed for telecommunication networks applications. The optical fiber is based on subcategory G.652.B and G.652.D in the ITU-T recommendation G.652 June 2005 and subcategory G.657.A in the ITU-T recommendation G.657 November 2006, and the optical fiber cable is based on the IEC 60794-3-10, March 2002.

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  • Simplex cord type are offered with a variety of combinations. Connectors include SC, FC and LC.
  • 3.0mm cords are available.


Fiber characteristics
Item Construction
  SM SR15E
Mode field diameter at 1310 nm 9.2±0.4μm 8.6±0.4μm
Cladding diameter 125±0.7μm
Core concentricity error ≤0.5μm
Cladding non-circularity ≤1.0%
Coating-cladding concentricity error ≤12.5μm
Fiber curl radius ≥4m
Primary coating (UV curable material) 250±15μm
Secondary coating (Polyester-elastomer) 0.9±0.1mm
Transmission characteristics
Item Performance
  SM SR15E
Attenuation* at 1310nm ≤0.35dB/km
at 1383nm** ≤0.35dB/km
at 1550nm ≤0.21dB/km
at 1625nm ≤0.23dB/km
Macro bending loss*** ≤0.50dB φ=32mm, 1turn at 1550nm
≤0.05dB φ=50mm, 100turn at 1310nm
≤0.10dB φ=50mm, 100turn at 1550nm
≤0.10dB φ=60mm, 100turn at 1625nm
≤0.25dB φ=30mm, 10turn at 1550nm
≤1.0dB φ=50mm, 100turn at 1310nm
≤0.75dB φ=20mm, 1turn at 1550nm
≤1.5dB φ=20mm, 1turn at 1625nm
Cut-off wavelength(λcc) ≤1260nm
at 1310nm ≤3.5ps/nm-km
at 1550nm ≤18ps/nm-km
Zero dispersion
- 1300-1324nm
Zero dispersion
- ≤0.092ps/nm2-km
* Attenuation may be large when measurement length is less than 1km.
** Attenuation increase due to hydrogen aging at this wavelength in optical fiber is tested in accordance with IEC60793-2-50 test procedure.
*** This characteristics is measured in bare fiber.
Mechanical characteristics
Item Performance
  SM SR15E
Proof level ≥1.0% strain ≥1.5% strain
Construction of cord


Item Construction
Fiber count 1
Cord diameter 2.0±0.2mm
Cable weight Approx.4kg/km
*) Sheath marking : Any description and interval is available (According to order)
Mechanical performance
Item Performance
Permissible 80N 80N
Permissible 30mm 15mm
Temperature and humidity
Item Performance
Temperature -10°C to +40°C
Humidity 0 to 100%
Connector specifications
Connectors Polish Compliance External parts
SC UPC,APC IEC 61754-4(2002-03) Ed. 1.2 Plastic
FC UPC,APC IEC 61754-13(2006-02) Ed. 2.0 Nickel-plated brass
LC UPC,APC IEC 61754-20(2002-08) Ed. 1.0 Plastic
* Dust caps shall be preinstalled onto the connector ends.
Optical specifications
Fiber type Polish Wavelength Insertion loss at
each connector
Return Loss at
each connector
Singlemode UPC 1310nm ≤0.3dB ≥50dB
APC(8deg.) ≤0.3dB ≥60dB
Ferrule specification
Parameter Specification
Ferrule type Fully zirconia-ceramic
Nominal ferrule diameter FC,SC 2.5mm±0.5um
LC 1.25mm±0.5um
Fiber concentricity 1um
Apex offset ≤50um
Angle of surface 8deg
* The ferrule end face geometry shall comply with Telcordia GR-326 specification.
* The ferrule end face geometry shall be measured base on an optical interferometric measuring technique.
Patch cord specifications
Color Outer
Outer Jacket
Flame Resistance Fiber Length Tolerance
Ferrule to Ferrule
Yellow 2mm PE Non-halogen flame


  • Building interconnections (campus LAN)
  • Trunking lines direct to telecommunications closet
  • fiber patch panels within communications closets
  • Links between electronic equipment and fiber patch panels



Connector Item Service life (mate/demate)
FC mate/demate cycles without
any degradation of the
transmission quality

Packing and Packaging:

a. Each pigtails and patchcords shall be equipped with dust cap and packed individually to protect from dust and moisture.
b. Each pigtails and patchcords shall be packed individually in its own plastic bag.
c. Each pigtails and patchcords shall be neatly packed in standard size hard carton boxes.

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