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Fujikura's FuseConnectorTM family connectors are factory pre-polished, and easily terminate by fusion splicer in the field.

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Features & Benefits

Cable entry section is single-sided dome structure which is suitable for space constrained hand holes (also possible to be used in man-holes, telephone tunnels etc.).
  • Closure adopts hinge/buckle mechanism which makes dismantling/ assembling easy.
  • Cable entry section can accommodate maximum 8 cables (main cable: 2, branching cable: 6).
  • Supports loose tube cables, slotted core cables, and Spider Web Ribbon® (SWR) cables
  • Suitable for apply in limited space areas such as hand holes
  • Fully mechanical design, fiber reinforced plastic
  • Concept of separate cable entries system
  • 360-deg access permits complete access to all wirework and equipment


  • Up to 864 fibers (12f-SWR) splicing FTTH distribution networks
  • Chemical and mechanical resistance for underground, aerial and pedestal installation
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