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Superconducting Applications


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Low Temperature Superconductors (Metal-based) ・Cooling below LHe temperature required
・Practical use in conventional superconducting applications
High Temperature Superconductors (Copper-Oxide-Based) ・Critical temperature higher than LN2 temperature
・Verification stage for practical use in industrial applications
Bismuth (Bi) : 1st generation (1G)
Yttrium (Y) or Rare-Earth (RE) : 2nd generation (2G)
 ・Higher operating temperature (no use of liquid helium)
 ・Higher critical current at higher magnetic field
 ・Smaller size and lighter weight

Fujikura has been developing its original techniques for coil winding and succeeded in development of the world's largest yttrium-based high-temperature superconducting magnet with a 20-cm-diameter room temperature bore in 2012.

  • Total wire length : 7200 m (300m x 24 layers)
  • Total number of turn : 5775
  • Operating current : 333 A @ 25 K
  • Center magnetic field : 5.0 T (50000 Gauss)
  • Stored energy : 426 kJ


Fujikura has been developing superconducting power cables and verified quadruple lower AC Loss than conventional power cables by applying higher critical current HTS wires.

  • Single-core in one pipe cable system /66kV-5kA /10m class long
  • Wire performance : Ic > 240 A/4mm-wide @77K,Self-field
  • Target AC loss : < 2 W/m @5kA
  • Measured AC loss : 1.4W/m@77K, 0.95W/m@67K

* This work includes results supported by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

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