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Superconducting Applications


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  • Low Temperature Superconductors : Require cooling below LHe temperature
    →Practical use in conventional superconducting applications
  • High Temperature Superconductors : Indicate superconductivity above LN2 temperature
    →Verification stage for practical use
      Bismuth (Bi) - - - the 1st generation (1G)
      Yttrium (Y) - - -the 2nd generation (2G)
        -Higher operating temperature than LTS. (No liquid helium is required.)
        -Higher critical current at higher magnetic field
        -Smaller and lighter compared with current equipment

Fujikura has been developing its original techniques for coil winding and succeeded in development of the world's largest yttrium-based high-temperature superconducting magnet with a 20-cm-diameter room temperature bore in 2012.

  • Total wire length : 7200 m (300m x 24 layers)
  • Total number of turn : 5775
  • Operating current : 333 A @ 25 K
  • Center magnetic field : 5.0 T (50000 Gauss)
  • Stored energy : 426 kJ


Fujikura has been developing superconducting power cables and verified quadruple lower AC Loss than conventional power cables by applying higher critical current HTS wires.

  • Single-core in one pipe cable system /66kV-5kA /10m class long
  • Wire performance : Ic > 240 A/4mm-wide @77K,Self-field
  • Target AC loss : < 2 W/m @5kA
  • Measured AC loss : 1.4W/m@77K, 0.95W/m@67K

* This work includes results supported by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

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