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Why Fujikura?


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  • High critical current at LN2 temperature ; Ic > 500A /cm-wide @ 77K, Self-field.

* Critical current is measured at 77K(LN2), Self-field and 1μV/cm by four‐terminal method.
* Measurement data above is typical data, and they can not be applicable for all wires .

  • High critical current at high magnetic field ; Ic > 500A/cm-wide @ 4.2K, 17 T.

* This work includes some data measured at High Field Laboratory for Superconducting Materials, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University.

  • High performance with longer piece over 500 meters
  • Broke the world record by Ic x L ; 572A x 816m (2011)

  • Uniform critical current distribution in a long piece with small deviation

* Critical current is measured magnetically by TapestarTM, which is the trademark of Theva Duennschichttechnik GmbH.
* TapestarTM converts the response to small magnetic field into critical current and is no guarantee of actual critical current.
* Measurement data above is typical data, and they can not be applicable for all wires..
* TapestarTM gives high-resolution data and shows maximum value with red line and minimum value with blue line calculated by measurement program in intervals according to length scale.

IBAD (Ion Beam Assisted Deposition)

  • Fabricating process of a buffer layer
  • Fujikura original technique developed in 1991
  • IBAD enables us to fabricate a high-textured buffer layer.

PLD (Pulsed Laser Deposition)

  • Fabricating process of superconducting layer
  • Hot-wall heating system is Fujikura's original. development.
  • By employing a method in which the film formation area is surrounded by a high-temperature wall called the "Hot Wall", we have succeeded in stabilizing temperature during deposition and have realized a highly crystalline superconducting layer.

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