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  • Insulation is color coded to allow identification of every core by means of individual or combination of colors. This eliminates concerns about possible connection errors and improves the efficiency of field wiring work.
  • Line cable is made up with quads, which allow multi-pair cables to be manufactured with reduced overall diameter and weight.
  • With the exception of some cables, quad twisting and stranding in our cables basically follow SZ twisting in which the twist direction reverses.
  • The insulation is formed by electrically and chemically stable polyethylene, while the sheath is made of polyethylene of excellent mechanical properties and weatherability. Fujikura's CCP cables, therefore, boast high reliability with good mechanical strength, high insulation, corrosion resistance and light weight.
  • Conform to the RoHS directive.


  • CCP cables are communication cables with a metal conductor designed for outdoor telephone line applications.