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Overview of DSC

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Power Generation Characteristics

A DSC (dye-sensitized solar cell) is capable of generating electric power highly efficiently in low light ranging from 10 to 5,000 lux while other types of solar cells cannot generate enough electricity in the same conditions.

This cell is most suitable for supplying power to sensor nodes or small electronic devices. The cell operates efficiently indoors in low fluorescent light or LED light. It also works well in outdoor conditions, such as north-facing or shady places, where direct sunlight is not available, or even if they are installed vertically.

The DSC can generate power from reflected light from building walls, the ground surface, the water surface, or snow since it can absorb scattered light efficiently owing to a nanoporous structure in the power generating portion.

Likewise, this product can generate a certain amount of power constantly even in bad weather such as a long rain or a cloudy season. Such characteristics contribute to facilitating power supply management of the DSC-powered devices and the use of them in various places.


Our DSC has achieved top-class performance among the same type of products in the aspects of durability and long-term reliability. Generally, a solar panel using an electrolyte solution arouses concerns about leakage and degradation of the solution. To minimize such risks, we have carefully selected materials resistant to deterioration over time.

Besides, we kept researching the sealing structure to improve the performance and have finally reached higher performance than ever.

As a result, the product has achieved durability to withstand exposure to heat and ultraviolet, passed IEC61646 and JIS C8991, reliability tests on solar power generators installed outdoors and is now in the mass-production stage.

Items Test Conditions Results
Thermal Cycling Test (IEC61646) -40 to 90°C,200 cycles Passed
Damp Heat Test (IEC61646) 85°C, 85%RH, 1000 hr. Passed
Sequence Test
(Fujikura Standard)
① AM-1.5 1 Sun (100 mW/cm2), 175 hr.
② -40 to 90°C, 50 cycles
③ 85°C, 85%RH, 240 hr.
④ Hot-spot test
(1 Sun 5% shaded 5 cycle)


A DSC can be used in various fields both indoors and outdoors owing to its superior performance to generate electricity efficiently even in low light conditions. This product is used as a power source for electronics in the fields of HEMS, BEMS, Infrastructure Health Monitoring, Smart Agriculture, Healthcare, Security, Nursing and more.

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