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Heat-proof leaky coaxial cables (FP-LCX)




  1. Conform to the Japanese Fire Defense Board's Notification No.4.
  2. Excellent heat-proof characteristics
  3. Effective not only for fire-fighting activities but also for general crime and disaster prevention activities.
    *The cables have passed the tests specified by the Fire Protection Department.
  4. Conform to the RoHS directive.


  • The cables are designed for use in a system to assist radio communications in areas such as underground malls and tunnels, where radiowave transmission is difficult.
    1. Heat-proof leaky coaxial cables (FP-LCX)
    2. Heat-proof feeder cables (FP-DCX, FP-SFCR)
    3. Heat-proof coaxial cables (EMFR-FP-10D)