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AP4 series(Digital output)

The AP4 pressure sensor series(Digital output) is composed of a silicon piezoresistive pressure sensing chip and a signal conditioning integrated circuit. The low-level signal from the sensing chip is amplified, temperature compensated, calibrated and finally converted to digital data that is proportional with the applied pressure. The AP4 series measures gauge pressure.

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  • Digital output
  • High accuracy ±1.5 %FS
  • Supply voltage 3.0, 3.3 & 5.0 Vdc
  • Low supply current Max 3.5 mA at 3.3 Vdc
  • Operating temperature -40 to 125°C
  • Wide compensated temperature 0 to 85°C
  • Package compatible with Fujikura's XFPM integrated pressure sensor
  • Customization available

Device Name Code


General Specifications

Item Sensor Code Unit
AP40* AP41* AP42*
Supply Voltage 5.0±0.25 3.3±0.165 3.0±0.15 Vdc
Type of Pressure Gauge pressure
Pressure Media Non-corrosive gases
Compensated Temperature 0 to +85 °C
Operating Temperature -40 to +125 °C
Storage Temperature -40 to +125 °C
Operating Humidity 30 to 85 (non-condensing) %RH
Storage Humidity 30 to 85 (non-condensing) %RH

Electrical Characteristics

Item Unit
Offset 819±221 Count
Full Scale 15565±221 Count
Span 14746 Count
Accuracy (0 to 85 °C) ±1.5 %FS
Supply Current (VDD = 5.0 Vdc) 4.5 (Max.) mAdc
Supply Current (VDD = 3.3, 3.0 Vdc) 3.5 (Max.) mAdc
Response Time 1 msec.

Item Content
Interface I2CTM
Slave Address 7 bit, 0x28 to 0x78
Measurement Packet
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