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HDD Actuator Assembly


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  • Can apply Electroless Nickel Phosphorous plating on an actuator.
  • Available various types of VCM Magnet wire
    - Copper, Aluminum, or Copper Clad Aluminum Wire
    - Heat Resist Bond Coats - Polyurethane or Polyester-imide
    Wire diameter and tension to specification
  • All assembly and inspection performed in class 10K or less clean room environment.
  • Product performance, reliability, and cleanliness requirements to customer specifications assured through use of state-of-the-art analysis equipment.
  • Offer highly dependable resonance analysis.
  • Actuator with FPC, Bearing insertion assembly is available.


  • The Actuator Coil Assembly is the mechanical device in the HDD used for precisely positioning the heads over the disk media for performing the read/write function.
  • Typical material construction of main components is machined aluminum and wound copper or aluminum wire.

Actuator Coil Assembly

Actuator Coil Assembly with FPC

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