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Membrane Switch


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  • Flexibility
    Various circuits can be fabricated on the flexible and pliable film.
  • Low price
    Low cost due to printing on PET films.
  • Wide applicability
    Applicable to various devices by using special inks, mounting various components on the film, or by combining the film with various switches and sensors.


  • PC peripherals
    Keyboards, touch pads, LED indicators, printers, and PC monitors
  • Home appliances
    Microwave ovens, washing machines, fax machines, electric rice cookers, and electric pots
  • Telecommunications equipment
    Mobile phones and PDAs
  • Automobiles
    Seat sensors and various operating switches including those for air conditioners
  • AV equipment
    DVCs, DSCs, and portable CD or MD players
  • Musical instruments
    Electronic keyboards and DJ players
  • Toys
    Computer or TV game devices and XY tablets
  • Sanitation
    Waterproof shower toilet switch panels
  • Display panels
    Heat-seal connectors
  • Film antennas
    RFID tags, digitizers, car GPS, and FM receivers
  • Medical equipment
    Healthcare equipment
  • Others
    Automatic vending machines, measuring instruments, and machine tools



The following figure shows the basic structure. Optional design based on the structure described below enables the use of the membrane switch in various applications.

Section schematically

  • Chip-mounted membrane
    Highly functional membrane switch on which component devices such as LEDs and diodes are mounted
  • Rubber-mounted membrane
    Product lineup includes rubber-mounted membrane switch that provides a tactile feeling for the user
  • Graphic sheet
    Printed sheet used for decorative purposes (photographic color printing). Features include metal color-printing, embossing, and the formation of a metal-dome pushbutton actuator mounted on the back.
  • Waterproof membrane
    Membrane switch with a simplified waterproof structure in which printed seals and double-sided adhesive sheets are used
  • Sheet switch
    Metal-dome or poly-dome mounted membrane switch. Product lineup includes sheet switches combined with a surface panel equipped with an actuator on which various patterns are printed, and those equipped with magnetic devices or lighting LEDs.

Key techniques
  • Fine circuit pattern printing
    Applicable to a pitch of 0.5 mm for connecting areas
  • Migration-resistant performance
    Enhanced by carbon overcoating
  • Interconnection technique
    Connection to liquid crystal, FPC, and MB through ACF and ACP
  • Surface mounting technology
    Component mounting through electrically conductive adhesives
  • Double-sided printing technique
    Jumper circuits and through-hole technique
  • High conductivity
    Use of highly conductive inks for low-resistance printing
  • Resistor printing
    Formation of ladder resistance and use of sliding resistance

Typical characteristics
Operating temperature From -10°C to 60°C
Storage temperature From -20°C to 80°C
Operating humidity 95% RH or less*1
Operation load 0.05 N or more
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ or higher / 250 VDC
Withstand voltage 125 VAC, 1 min. or longer
Switch lifetime 30 million cycles or more*2
Bounce time 10 ms or less

*1Evaluation should be performed.
*2Related to key materials. Consider the specifications of the key before measurement.

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