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Multi-Layer FPC

A multi-layer FPC has three (3) or more conductive layers. It consists of rigid multilayer portions mounted with components and highly bendable lead portions.

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  • Electrical wiring in smartphones and tablets
  • Camera modules
  • Small medical electronic equipment and wearable equipment


  • Fine line/space circuit 
  • Low springback force 
  • Microsize VIA hole (LVH: laser via hole, IVH: inner via hole) 
  • Board-to-board interconnection 
  • High bending strength
  • Electrical noise shield 
  • High-speed signal transmission (Impedance control) 
  • Environmentally friendly (Halogen-free) 
  • Flame resistant (UL Standards) 

Other configurations are available; please feel free to contact us for details.


4-Layer FPC

* The standard composition is shown above.

(Other types are also available; please contact us for details.)

  • Various types of FPCs are possible through our innovative construction technique of partial multi-layering to utilize the most of FPC properties. 
  • High reliability and space-savings are achieved by eliminating coupling parts such as connectors.

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