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Double-Sided FPC

A double-sided FPC has two conductive layers that are electrically connected by through hole and/or via hole. This provides higher design flexibility compared to single-sided FPCs.

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Typically utilized for high-density wiring that cannot use single-sided FPCs.

  • Electrical wiring in smartphones, mobile phones, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, tablets, and notebook PCs 
  • Flexible lead wires for liquid crystal displays
  • Electronic devices that require high bending strength (HDDs, and optical-pickup devices) 


  • Fine line/space circuit 
  • Low springback force
  • Micro size via hole (LVH: laser via hole) 
  • High bending strength
  • Electrical noise shield 
  • High-speed signal transmission (Impedance control) 
  • Environmentally friendly (halogen-free) 
  • Flame resistant (UL Standards) 

Various configurations are available; please feel free to contact us for details.


FPC with through hole

FPC with via hole

* The standard composition is shown above. 

(Other types are also available; please contact us for details.)


Double-sided FPCs are generally inferior to single-sided FPCs in thickness, flexibility, and bending strength. However, with careful attention to the structural design and selection of materials, we can improve their quality close to that of the single-sided FPCs.
Double-sided FPCs can be utilized for high-density wiring and assembly. Double-sided FPCs are capable of controlling impedance for high-speed signal transmission.

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