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Single-Sided FPC

A single-sided flexible printed circuit (FPC) has only one conductive layer, generally made of copper foil on one side of a board.

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Generally single-sided FPCs are used in small spaces or electronic devices that require high bending strength. 

  • Electrical wiring in smartphones, mobile phones, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, tablets, and notebook PCs.
  • Flexible lead wires for liquid crystal displays
  • Electronic devices that require high bending strength (printers, HDDs, and optical-pickup devices) 


  • Fine line/space circuits 
  • Low springback force 
  • High bending strength
  • Electrical noise shield 
  • Environmentally friendly (halogen-free) 
  • Flame resistant (UL Standards) 

Various configurations are available. Please feel free to contact us for details.




The features of single-sided FPCs are thin, soft, and highly bendable.
A low springback feature is needed to keep the shape of FPCs bent at the connecting area with a liquid crystal panel, and to save electric power to run an HDD.
FPC properties are highly dependent on the materials to be used. Our experienced engineers will select  appropriate materials according to your needs in terms of application areas and required properties, thus providing FPCs with satisfactory characteristics. 

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