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    -First high-output 28-GHz-band phased array antenna module live demo-
    -Ultra-low-delay video transmission using 60-GHz-band millimeter-wave wireless communications module-



Fujikura Exhibits Millimeter-wave Products at MWC Barcelona 2024
-First high-output 28-GHz-band phased array antenna module live demo-
-Ultra-low-delay video transmission using 60-GHz-band millimeter-wave wireless communications module-

February 1st, 2024
Fujikura Ltd.

 Fujikura Ltd. (President & CEO: Naoki Okada) has announced that it will exhibit its millimeter-wave products at MWC Barcelona 2024, the world’s largest mobile industry exhibition, which is to be held in Spain. The latest 28-GHz-band phased array antenna module (PAAM) "FutureAccess™"*1 high-power version Type-C for 5G base stations announced in October 2023 will be presented for the first time, and a live demonstration using a 60-GHz-band millimeter wave wireless communications module*2 will also be conducted. The demonstrations will take place in Hall 6 at booth 6F1 at MWC Barcelona from February 26th to 29th, 2024.

MWC Barcelona website: https://www.mwcbarcelona.com

Contents of the Fujikura Booth

28-GHz-band phased array antenna module (PAAM)『FutureAccess™』high-power version Type-C
 The newly developed high-output-power version of PAAM maintains the compactness, freedom of calibration, and tiling of previous designs, while improving the design of the on-board high-frequency integrated circuit (IC) to approximately double the antenna output. This module expands the communications area, improves the quality of communications calls, and provides a stable connection environment.
 At the exhibition, we will conduct our first live demonstration using the Benchtop Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) provided by Rohde & Schwarz*3.
 CATR is a device that can enable far-field measurements within a small indoor environment. At our booth, you can preview the characteristics of the high-power version of PAAM Type-C, which is capable of communicating with moving media using strong radio waves, owing to the high positional accuracy of its beamforming technology.

Images of the module and demonstration setup

60-GHz-band millimeter-wave wireless communications module
 We will present our 60-GHz-band millimeter-wave wireless communications module, which has world-class long-distance performance. The live demonstration will involve real-time video transmission that uses this module with Extrixa Inc.'s*4 ultra-low-latency camera device and intoPIX*5's low-latency JPEG XS*6 codec.
 At this exhibition, you can experience high-definition, ultra-low-latency video transmission via a license-free 60-GHz wireless communications line.

60-GHz-band millimeter-wave wireless communications module

 Fujikura has been researching and developing millimeter-wave wireless communications for more than 10 years. Telecommunications companies around the world currently adopt millimeter-wave technology for their 5G networks, which is expected to deliver ultra-high speed and low-latency communications.
In order to realize even higher speeds and high-capacity communications both domestically and internationally, we will continue to develop our products for commercialization.

*1 28-GHz-band phased array antenna module (PAAM)『FutureAccess™』
The Fujikura PAAM is a fully integrated module consisting of an array antenna, beamforming ICs, a frequency conversion IC and filters. The Fujikura PAAM is the industry’s highest performance module targeting indoor and outdoor applications such as fixed wireless access connecting a telecommunications carrier and its subscribers, high-speed mobile wireless access for mobile terminals, and a trunk line between carrier backbone networks and base stations (wireless backhaul).

*2 60-GHz-band millimeter-wave wireless communications module
A wireless communication module that uses millimeter waves in the 60-GHz frequency band. The 60-GHz band does not require a radio station license and can be used with a simple system configuration, so there are high expectations for the development of communications equipment and industrial equipment that utilize this frequency band. This module delivers world-class performance, including automatic beamforming, throughput of 1 Gbps or more at a distance of 500 m, and low latency on the order of milliseconds, and is shipped with the Technical Standards Compliance Certification (proof that devices such as mobile phones and wireless LAN devices comply with the technical standards of the Radio Law) from a certification body in Japan.

*3 Rohde & Schwarz (Hall5 booth 5A80)
The company's headquarters are located in Munich, Germany. The company specializes in electronic measurement, aerospace, and critical infrastructure businesses, including wireless communications/RF testing and measurement.

*4  Extrixa Inc.
A company based in Yokohama City, Japan that develops, produces, and sells camera and video equipment and communications equipment.

*5 intoPIX (Hall7 booth7G51)
A Belgian company developing image compression/processing and transmission solutions.

An international standard for image compression technology (ISO/IEC 21122) standardized by the JPEG committee of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Fujikura Millimeter-Wave Product website:https://mmwavetech.fujikura.jp/