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    ~Supporting infrastructure sharing~



Fujikura begins providing samples of FutureAccess™ Type-C, a new high-output 28GHz phased array antenna module
~Supporting infrastructure sharing~

October 31, 2023
Fujikura Ltd.

 Fujikura Corporation (President and CEO: Naoki Okada) has developed a high-output version of Type-C, the 28 GHz band millimeter-wave phased array antenna module (PAAM) "FutureAccess™" for 5G base stations, and will begin providing samples from November,2023.
 At the same time, we plan to start offering evaluation boards equipped with PAAM.

【Main Points】
・Higher output power ※1
・We will start supplying samples (PAAM, evaluation board equipped with PAAM) from November,2023.
・Compact design using Fujikura's unique high-frequency integrated circuit design technology.
・Supports infrastructure sharing, where multiple mobile carriers share one antenna.

 The newly developed high-output-power version of PAAM maintains features such as compactness, freedom from calibration, and tiling, while improving the design of the on-board high-frequency integrated circuit on board to approximately double the antenna output. This module expands the communication area, improves the quality of communication calls, and provides a stable connection environment.
 The high-frequency integrated circuit was designed using Fujikura's own technology, and will contribute to the development of compact, high-performance antennas for domestic and international mobile communications carriers.
 Additionally, by reviewing the internal configuration, it is now possible to cover the entire band operation of n257 (26.5 to 29.5 GHz) and n258 (24.25 to 27.5 GHz) bands using the same hardware. It can also support infrastructure sharing, where multiple mobile carriers share a single antenna. This type of equipment sharing not only reduces the cost of equipment installation and maintenance, but also reduces the total energy required for operation.
 We will continue to research and develop 5G millimeter wave communication devices and contribute to the realization of an advanced information society and carbon neutrality.

Evaluation board equipped with PAAM “FutureAccess™” Type-C

※1  Higher output of PAAM “FutureAccess™”
Compared to our conventional product, the equivalent isotropic radiation power (an indicator of antenna output) has improved from 45 dBm to 48 dBm. A 3dB difference means twice the antenna output strength.

<28 GHz band millimeter wave phased array antenna module (PAAM) “FutureAccess™”>
The module operates in the millimeter wave frequency bands n257 (28 GHz band), n258 (26 GHz band), and n261 (27 GHz band) specified by the 5G standard, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the highly integrated 8×8 antenna elements, high-frequency integrated circuits, and filters enable the rapid design of compact 5G mmWave communications systems. High power efficiency and extremely fast beam switching (<220 ns) give Fujikura's PAAM-based systems industry-leading performance.

For detailed information about the performance of "FutureAccess™", please visit the product's special website.

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