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Fujikura announces the launch of the 90S+ core alignment fusion splicer

Fujikura Ltd.
April 26, 2021

Fujikura Co., Ltd. (President & CEO Masahiko Ito) is proud to announce the latest evolution in the development of the single fusion splicer with the launch of the NEW 90S+.

The 90S+ now comes equipped with "ACTIVE FUSION CONTROL TECHNOLOGY" to realize low splice loss. The technology incorporates the following features:

 ・ Optimized fusion control depending on fiber cleaved end face condition before fusion splicing.
 ・ Optimized fusion parameter selection based on the automatic discrimination result of the optical fibers.
 ・ Real-time optical fiber brightness intensity analysis and control during fusion splicing

In addition, 90S+ equips "ACTIVE BLADE MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY" which manages the condition of the optical fiber cleaver blade by wireless communication. These two technologies, “ACTIVE FUSION CONTROL TECHNOLOGY“ and "ACTIVE BLADE MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY", allow customers to achieve more stable low splice loss, reducing the need for re-installation.

Due to the influence of expanding telework, network traffic has increased drastically, and optical fiber network construction has also increased. With over 30 years of Fujikura R&D experience developing core alignment fusion splicers, the 90S+ continues to help build and maintain stable and high-quality telecommunication networks.

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