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Release of Fiber Optic Splice Rack for Ultra-High Density Cable

July 6,2020
Fujikura Ltd.

Fujikura Ltd. (President & CEO: Masahiko Ito) has released fiber optic splice rack for ultra-high density cable. The maximum installable fiber count is 13,824F and the splice rack is designed as small as possible even though it installs high fiber count cables such as 3,456F or 6,912F. The compact design contributes to small size splice tray for housing fibers and efficient fiber route management. In order to install such ultra-high count fibers in the splice rack, new concept of removable tray has been developed. This tray will provide flexibility for multiple splicing operations and realization of quick installation.

These days, ultra-high fiber count cable installation has been increasing due to the expansion of data center construction. Recently, Fujikura has released high count cable "Wrapping Tube Cable™(WTC™)" with 3,456F and 6,912F. In order to install, connect and distribute 3,456F and 6,912F, the splice rack is definitely required.

To meet the ultra-high fiber market demand, Fujikura continues to develop the splice rack for the outdoor installation, and for wall mount installation. Fujikura’s splice racks contribute to efficient and economical fiber route management by using the universal design of the splice unit and tray.

Going forward, Fujikura will continue to work on the development of advanced products that support ultra-fiber optical cable connection and termination to support the high capacity data transmission.

Fiber Optic Splice Rack for Ultra-high density cable: FDF-102

Product name FDF-102
Size(mm) W 610 x D 305 x H 2140
Capacity 13,824 fibers
Splice unit 8 units
(1,728 fibers/unit)
Splice tray 288 fibers splicing
Application Indoor / Front access