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Fujikura announces the launch of the 90R series of Mass Fusion Splicers

January 7, 2020

Fujikura Co., Ltd. (President Masahiko Ito) is proud to announce the latest evolution in the development of the mass fusion splicer with the launch of the NEW 90R series.
The NEW 90R series consist of three separate models:

  • 90R4 designed to splice up to 4 fiber ribbon cables simultaneously
  • 90R12 designed to splice up to 12 fiber ribbon cables simultaneously
  • 90R16 designed to splice up to 16 fiber ribbon cables simultaneously

In mass fusion splicing, it is a long-standing issue that glass particles which have evaporated and subsequently cooled as part of the fusion splicing process can stick to both the discharge electrode and V-groove area, which in turn could lead to fiber offsets and high splice losses.
It is difficult to remove the glass particles that accumulated within the V-groove area often making it necessary to return the unit to a repair center for the removal of these glass particles.
The 90R series solves this long-standing issue with user replaceable V-groove assembly incorporating electrodes which makes this issue a thing of the past and is supplied as standard equipment with the 90R series. This new V-groove assembly can be quickly and easily replaced in the field, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
The new V-groove design also enable splicing of both 250um and 200um coating fibers of Spider Web Ribbon without special tools.
In addition, the new 90R series have the following functions adopted from previous models.

  • Real-time arc discharge control by analyzing the arc’s brightness intensity.
  • Automatic cleaver blade management by wireless communication data connectivity when the splicer judges the blade is worn.
  • Wireless link to ribbon fiber stripper to change settings to adequate one according to the ribbon fiber type to be spliced.
  • Automated open-close wind protector and heater.
  • Work tray with large capacity storage built in the carrying case.

For a more detailed brochure, please visit https://www.fusionsplicer.fujikura.com/