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Fujikura Releases Indoor-Outdoor Cable with 200 µm Fiber

Fujikura Ltd (President & CEO: Masahiko Ito), global leader in the optical fiber cable system industry, has released Indoor-Outdoor Wrapping Tube Cable™ (WTC™) made of using 200µm optical fibers.
Fujikura has developed this Indoor-Outdoor WTC using 200µm fibers in Fujikura's proprietary 12F Spider Web Ribbon™ (SWR™) that has drastically reduced diameters and light-weight than conventional WTC with 250µm fibers. Also, this WTC has UV resistant and frame retardancy on the cable jacket to minimize human and physical damage when fire disaster occurred inside building.
For indoor application, there is UL standard in the US while CPR standard (Construction Products Regulation) has been followed in EU. This cable is in accordance with both standards. Because of that, this Fujikura’s Indoor-Outdoor WTC can be deployed worldwide. Thus, global customers do not need to stock multiple cables with different fire ratings of standard. In addition, Indoor-Outdoor WTC can eliminate the need for splicing between Outdoor and Indoor cable at the building entryway, so this cable can be deployed from Indoor-Outdoor environment to the Indoor premise directly. Therefore, it can be installed without splicing process. As a result, customers and installers can save both time and cost. Moreover, the cable is flexible design and it contributes easy handling in limited-space installation condition.

Both SWR with 200µm fibers and SWR with 250µm fibers have the same fiber pitch, which ensures backward compatibility while splicing. Therefore existing fusion splicers can be used for mass fusion splice;
- SWR with 200µm fibers and 250µm traditional Ribbon
- SWR with 200µm fibers and SWR with 250µm fibers

Thus, network builders do not need to purchase new fusion splicers for splicing 200um fiber ribbons, which means that no additional investment is needed. Therefore, Fujikura's innovative Indoor-Outdoor WTC with 200 µm builds cost-effective optical networks.

●WTC Structure

●12F SWR Fiber Pitch Structure

●Indoor-Outdoor WTC with 200 µm Portfolio

Application Indoor Outdoor
Fiber Count F 288 576 864 1728
Outer Diameter mm(approx.) 12.5 15.0 16.5 21.5
Weight kg/km(approx.) 155 220 270 400
Fiber Diameter µm 200
ULStandard UL1666, UL1685
CPR Standard Cca-s2, d0, a1*

* Cca: Frame Retardancy, s2: Smoke Emission, d0: Flaming Droplets, a1: Acidity