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Release of Fiber Optic Splice Closure for Ultra-High Density Cable

December 4, 2018

Fujikura Ltd. (President & CEO: Masahiko Ito) has released fiber optic splice closure for ultra-high density cable. The maximum installable fiber count is 3,456F. The closure is designed as small as possible even though it installs high fiber count such as 3,456F. Small size splice tray for housing fibers and efficient fiber route management to enable the closure to be compact design. In this time, Fujikura has released in-line type and dome type closures for ultra-high density cable. Therefore, the closures can adapt any wiring environment such as installing into the tight manhole and mounting on a power pole that is often seen overseas.

In current years, ultra-high fiber count cable installation has been increasing due to expansion of data center construction. Recently, Fujikura has released high fiber count cable "Wrapping Tube Cable™(WTC™)" with 3,456F and 6,912F. In order to install, connect and distribute 3,456F and 6,912F, the closure is definitely required. To adjust the ultra-high fiber demand, Fujikura continues to develop the next closure for 6,912F that is designed same size for 3,456F with full efforts. In order to increase splicing capacity from 3,456F to 6,912F in a same size closure, there are three significant key elements. Firstly, Spider Web Ribbon™(SWR™) is Fujikura's original flexible optical fiber ribbon and it consists of 200 μm fibers, so it enables to be smaller and lighter compared to conventional SWR with 250 μm fibers. Secondly, applying thinner splice sleeves increases installable number of fibers per one splice tray. Lastly, new fiber organizing tube has been developing and it contributes an efficient and economical fiber route management. As current working for ultra-high fiber count solution, Fujikura continuously develop advanced products to support the high capacity data transmission.

Dome Type Closure (FSCO-BUW)

Dome Type Closure (FSCO-BUW)

Size H700 mm × Φ285 mm
Weight 7 ㎏
Cable Diameter 10 - 30 mm
Maximum Number of Cables 8 Cables
Number of Splice Trays 24 Trays

Inline Type Closure (FSCO-TN-HA)

Inline Type Closure (FSCO-TN-HA)

Size H250 mm × L620 mm × W300 mm
Weight 11 ㎏
Cable Diameter 8 - 33 mm
Maximum Number of Cables 6 Cables
Number of Splice Trays 24 Trays