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Release of The World's Highest Density 6,912F Optical Fiber Cable

November 6, 2018

Fujikura Ltd.(President & CEO: Masahiko Ito) has released the world's highest fiber density cable 6,912F Wrapping Tube Cable™(WTC™) with small diameter and light weight. In order to achieve this development, Spider Web Ribbon™(SWR™) technology and 200 μm diameter fiber have a key role in the high density cable design. SWR is Fujikura's innovative 12 core optical fiber ribbon and extraordinarily flexible design so it enables higher density. Also, 6,912F WTC consists of SWR with 200 μm diameter fiber and it contributes to smaller diameter and lighter weight compare to SWR with 250 μm diameter fiber.

In addition, the existing mass fusion splicer, jacket stripper and cleaver can be used for splicing with 200 μm SWR and 250 μm SWR because 200 μm SWR has same fiber pitch of 250 μm SWR. Of course it is available to splice 200 μm SWR each other.

In current years, large capacity of data transmission network construction has been expanding dramatically due to increasing of social network and streaming video services. Therefore, the 6,912F WTC supports the transmission network and contributes to further development of advanced information-telecommunication society continuously.

6,912F WTC Structure

12F SWR Fiber Pitch Structure