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Congratulatory Remarks to the FY2021 New Employees (Summary)

Fujikura Ltd.
April 1, 2021

I would like to congratulate all of you on joining our company.
As the representative of all employees in the Fujikura Group, I am delighted to have the opportunity to welcome all of you as our young and spirited employees who will perform the work of the Fujikura Group from this day onward.

Fujikura’s History and the 3rd Stage

This year, we will celebrate the 137th anniversary since our company was founded in 1885. Fujikura has met the expectations of customers and contributed to society in spite of the countless obstacles the company has encountered since it was founded. Fujikura has segmented these 137 years into 60-year phases, as the first stage, the second stage, and the third stage. We are currently in the third stage, which began in 2005, and are pursuing the development of more technologies and access to more markets, as stated in our long-term vision. However, social conditions and the external environment are changing at a dizzying pace and if we were too content with the successes we experienced up until the second stage, we would lose the fundamental value we provide as a company. We must seek to generate new businesses by uncovering the potential needs of customers. Only those who can adapt to change will survive.

Achieving Transformation

In fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, Fujikura posted a loss of 38.5 billion yen, the largest loss in our history. This forced us to abandon the five-year Mid-term Business Plan in FY2020, the final year of the plan. We switched our basic strategy to concentrating on a rapid operational recovery and are right in the middle of restructuring.
We implemented drastic management restructuring as one of the main measures in achieving an operational turnaround. That new management structure begins today, on April 1. I will lead the team in pursuing transformation under the new structure. We will certainly overcome our difficulties by proceeding steadily forward with strengthening earning power and rebuilding the revenue base.
The efforts of each and every employee are essential in order to overcome these difficulties and transform Fujikura into a company that will be sustainable far into the future. I am telling all employees to take a half step forward. This means that I want everyone to broaden your vision, physically sense change, and hone your ability to adapt to change. If all Fujikura Group employees take one half step forward, that will result in tremendous power. All of you will become a source of that power as members of the Fujikura Group from today onward.

My Request to New Employees Who Will Carry Fujikura Forward

I want you to recognize yourselves as professionals and perform your work as such. If each person takes personal responsibility and works as a professional, that will create a sense of accountability, pride, and belonging. Please be bold and dare to throw yourself into your work, think things through, and make sure that your own ideas are heard. The proposals that result from thinking things through with your flexible minds will most certainly be the driving force behind transformation, and that experience will also lead to your own growth. Proactive proposals from all of you will generate robust communication and I believe that this will become a major driving force in transforming our company.

Masahiko Ito
President & CEO