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Congratulatory Remarks to the FY2020 New Employees (Summary)

Fujikura Ltd.
April 7, 2020

Congratulations and welcome to the Company.
As the representative for all of the employees in the Fujikura Group, I have the privilege of being able to offer a heartfelt welcome to all of you as the young, energetic individuals who will assume responsibility for the Fujikura Group in the future. As members of our team and of society, I ask you to act responsibly and strive to contribute to the Fujikura Group and society from this point forward.

Preparing for the 5G Era

Over the course of its 136-year history since the company was founded in 1885, Fujikura has developed its foothold in the manufacture and sale of electric wire for power and telecommunication systems and has contributed greatly to the extensive construction of power and telecommunications infrastructure in Japan. The development and manufacturing of optical fiber which underpinned the building of telecommunications infrastructure has led to the telecommunication systems business which is a cornerstone of the Company’s business today.
We are continuing to make advances in optical technology even now and are preparing to enter into the era of 5G. Fujikura is currently advancing the development of millimeter wave wireless, in addition to installing communications networks using highly integrated, high-density optical cable made of optical fiber that provides even higher performance to support this 5G era. We are continuing to carve out a new path using the many technologies we have developed in the past, and are thereby providing the types of solutions that impress customers throughout the world by taking on such challenges.

Request to Everyone Who Will Play a Part in the Next Incarnation of Fujikura

The current business environment surrounding Fujikura is extremely severe, and we are also facing a tough battle in terms of operating performance. Our group must unite as a team to overcome these difficulties. However, I don’t think that we can overcome these difficulties just by continuing with business as usual. I believe that we will not be able to carve out a future for the company unless we stop sticking to the way we have done things in the past and resolve to create a new way of doing things.
So I have a request for all of you. You are not yet steeped in the ways of Fujikura, so I want you to have the courage to create a new image for the Fujikura of the future, without getting caught up in the ways that Fujikura has done things in the past. You are still flexible in your thinking. Use this flexibility to demonstrate creativity to the fullest extent and build a new way of being for Fujikura. I look forward to your achievements.

In Conclusion

Each individual employee is an asset to the Fujikura Group. We will endeavor to implement workstyle reform and reform personnel systems to the greatest extent possible to provide an environment in which the individuality of each person, or to put it in other words, the diversity of all is respected, and create an environment that makes it easy to work and act. Please have high aspirations (ambitions), maintain a spirit of taking on challenges, and work to accomplish this with a sense of urgency. As stated in our corporate philosophy of MVCV, I want each and every one of you to take the lead in walking the correct path.
I hope that all of you take pride in being an employee of the Fujikura Group, demonstrate optimism and energy, find enjoyment in your work, and lead happy lives as a result.

Masahiko Ito, President & CEO