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The Fujikura Group's Declaration of Promoting Diversity

The Fujikura Group's Declaration of Promoting Diversity (Established on December 2016)

Promoting the Success of Women

Principles and Goals

In an effort to promote the success of women in the workplace, the Fujikura group has set a mid-term vision for fiscal 2020 and goals in our basic diversity philosophy and CSR policy. These are based on international trends with a focus on the UN, and general laws and basic plans within Japan.

Promoting a Work Style Reform Project

As a dedicated employer of diverse human resources, we are promoting participation in the diversity team's (Human Resources Department) Diversity Promotion Project (launched in April 2016). Starting in 2017, we renamed this project as the Work Style Reform Project and expanded its scope in an effort to create an organizational culture and atmosphere where a diverse workforce can have diverse work styles while still participating fully. In so doing, we are expanding our focus from surface-level diversity to authentic work style reforms.

Renewal of Eruboshi Certification

Eruboshi certification is presented by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare to companies with an excellent track record in women’s empowerment selected from those companies that formulate and submit a Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement Act Action Plan in order to create the work environment necessary for full participation by women. Certification is granted in three levels based on how well a company meets 5 accreditation criteria set by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. Companies that formulate action plans and report on them are evaluated for their efforts and actual results. Fujikura met all of the criteria and was awarded the highest level (3 stars).

*Certification criteria: (1) Recruitment; (2) Sustained employment; (3) Different approaches to working hours; (4) Ratio of managers; and (5) Multiple career tracks

Eruboshi Certification

Employment of People with Disabilities

From the viewpoint of realizing social responsibility and normalization (engaging in mutual assistance with disabled and seniors), we actively employ people with disabilities and strive to improve their working environments. Our aim is to not only achieve the new tentative statutory employment rate of 2.3%, but also realize normalization (people with disabilities and seniors helping one another) and our social responsibility by promoting improvements in working environment for people with disabilities across the entire Group.
In fiscal 2018, we added two toilets for the physically challenged and installed Braille signs on elevators.

Targets (FY2020 Mid-term)

Major Initiatives FY2018

Plans and Activities during FY2018

FY2018 Plan FY2018 Activity Results FY2019 Plan
1. Stable operation and expansion of the special subsidiary 'Fujikura Cube'(expand into Group special subsidiary) Expanded business to the activities of 10 companies including specified subsidiaries and 8 affiliated companies 1. Stable operation and expansion of the special subsidiary 'Fujikura Cube' (expand into Group special subsidiary)
2. Compliance with statutory employment rate(increase to 2.3% in the future) Group 2.24%, Fujikura 2.06% 2. Compliance with statutory employment rate (increase to 2.3% in the future)

People with Disabilities (statutory employment rate 2.2%: as of April 1, 2019)

End of FY2015 End of FY2016 End of FY2017 End of FY2018 April 2019
2.0% 2.0% 2.12% 2.24% 2.25%

* Applied to entire Group from fiscal 2016

Support System for People with Disabilities (Fujikura)

Support System Contents
-Special hospital leave system -Regular outpatient support for people with disabilities (6 days a year)
-Improvement of facilities -Toilets for people with disabilities / Parking lots / Setting up of lounge rooms

Special Subsidiary "Fujikura Cube" Activities

According to our basic diversity philosophy, which states that diverse human resources can all utilize their strengths by actively embracing one another's individuality; doing so cultivates an organization atmosphere in which everyone can perform at their best, we actively seek to employ people with disabilities. As such, we founded Fujikura Cube Ltd. inside our Sakura Works on November 2, 2015. Fujikura Cube is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujikura, and through it we strive to embody the idea of a company in which everyone can participate. We are committed to complying with the increases in statutory employment rate under the national government’s policies aimed at realizing a society of coexistence where people with disabilities can live and work as a member of their own communities.

As of April 1, 2019, Fujikura Cube has 25 employees. The company currently handles tree-planting, cleaning of company houses and dormitories, and inter-company newsletter distribution. Fujikura Cube hopes to contribute to the regional employment of people with disabilities by increasing its number of employees to 40 by 2025, expanding the scope of their responsibilities, and improving total group effectiveness.

  • A special subsidiary is an incorporated company approved by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare that satisfies certain conditions for the employment of persons with disabilities, pursuant to the provisions of the Act for Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities. The number of persons with disabilities employed by a special subsidiary can be used for the purposes of calculating the statutory employment rate of persons with disabilities for the parent company and the parent company’s corporate group.

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Appointment of Foreign Employees

As we continue to advance global management, and as the need arises for human resources management that transcends borders, we currently have more than 60 foreign employees even within Japan. We are currently emphasizing hiring of foreign employees and gain several new members from all over the world each year.

Regarding the hiring of foreign employees, we hired more than 10 people in FY2018 due to recruiting activities in India as well as hiring international students.

FY2018 Plans and Activities Record

FY2018 Plan FY2018 Activity Results
1. Promotion of recruitment activities overseas (North America, India, China, Korea) ・One new graduate recruited overseas
2. Promotion of a scholarship system to support the development of human resources in science and engineering in Myanmar ・Scholarships will be provided to 20 local university students (4 schools in total)
3. Horizontal deployment of group-wide HR platform ・Introduction of grade-based compensation system for 5 domestic companies and 1 overseas company
4. Human resource development
 1.Improve the motivation and retention of advanced professionals, engineers and leaders
 2.Increase opportunities for training and promotion throughout the Group
 3.Proper allocation of human resources
 4.Establish a common platform to accelerate liquidation
・ntroduce a common grading system for five major domestic companies
・Revision of the continuous employment system after retirement
5. Promotion of talent management and group development by utilizing human resources database ・Introduction of a common evaluation system for 4 domestic affiliates and one overseas affiliate
6. Expansion of training for executive candidates at overseas subsidiaries ・Conducted quantitative analysis training for a total of 30 people in three countries
・Implementation of evaluation (target management) training for 17 people in 5 countries
7. Hold regular meetings of personnel managers of overseas subsidiaries ・Conduct regular cooperation with personnel managers of group companies, mainly in the ASEAN region

FY2019 Plans

FY2019 Plan
1. Build a common HR platform and develop human resources
 (1)Review of personnel compensation system
 (2)Personnel platform arrangement based on group governance
 (3) Creating a system for developing management human resources
 (4)Develop HR platform in Asia
2. Diversity promotion
 (1)Expand childcare and nursing care support
 (2) Flex expands the telework system
 (3)Correction of long working hours