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Group Corporate Philosophy of (MVCV)

The 3rd Stage and the Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy of MVCV

Numbered in terms of human years, Fujikura has celebrated its auspicious 60th birthday twice, and has entered a new stage three times. We declared our 120th anniversary in 2005 as the third new stage of the company, and formulated new business principles entitled Mission, Vision, and Core Values (MVCV), which are aimed at further development of our company in a new era. These incorporate the spirit of the company that we have cherished and protected since the company was founded in 1885, and detail our mission of creating value for our customers and contributing to society through the “tsunagu” (connecting) technologies on which our corporate culture is based.

Since then we have experienced changes in the environment and intensified competition. We re-established the Mission, Vision, Core Values as the Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy in October 2011, stipulating that all group employees share a set of principles. The group corporate philosophy is based on our belief that it is essential to boost our reform efforts to help build a stronger corporate structure and enable us to maintain high profitability and achieve sound, sustainable growth.

Based on the Mission, Vision, and Core Values as the Fujikura Group Philosophy, we are aiming to achieve the strategic business goals in the 2020 Mid-Term Business Plan. These will enable us to overcome the rapid changes in the business environment and achieve our mission, which is our ultimate goal.

Pamphlet with the MVCV in nine languages (Japanese, English, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Romanian, Chinese, and Thai)

Pamphlet with the MVCV in nine languages (Japanese, English, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Romanian, Chinese, and Thai)

Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy (MVCV)

Path Leading to the 3rd New Stage

Activities to Ensure Dissemination of MVCV

Since the Mission, Vision, and Core Values (MVCV) were re-established as the Group Corporate Philosophy, we have continued to implement a series of activities to ensure that each and every employee understands them. During the 1st Stage (2005-2009), we conducted training activities for management and line managers to move them “from insight to action.” During the 2nd Stage (2010-2012), we deepened their understanding through activities relating to the practical implementation of the Code of Conduct as a “gear shift.” In the current, 3rd Stage (2013 onward), we are implementing initiatives aimed at practical implementation that enable each and every employee to understand the importance of the Corporate Philosophy and base their decisions and actions on the MVCV and the Code of Conduct to “refine activities and dig deeper.”

The main goal of the 3rd Stage is to be appreciated by customers, be highly admired by society, and have employees working in vigor. This will result in a highly profitable company and group. To achieve this, each employee will recognize the key role that he or she plays, work diligently on activities aimed at the instillation of these values in everyone, and work together with all employees to create a good corporate culture.

History of Activities to Ensure Dissemination of MVCV

Stage Fiscal Year Description of Main Activities
The 1st Stage 2005 Formulated MVCV, kicked off activities to ensure dissemination, distributed CS posters and leaflets
Held “train the trainer” training (25 people)
2006 Published the picture book, “Flying Elephant” and began the “Insight” contest.
2007 to 2009 Implemented activities aimed at diffusion through the Collaboration (co-creation) and Change campaigns.
Published The Enterprising Spirit
The 2nd Stage 2010 Launched Code of Conduct 1000, and launching training for new managers by grade level
2011 to 2012 Expanded Code of Conduct 1000 to Group companies in Japan
Expanded grade-level training to new employees, third-year employees, and supervisory level employees
Re-established MVCV as the Group Corporate Philosophy
The 3rd Stage 2013 Promotion Committee members and workplace trainers revised the system to make it easier to implement in practical terms
Produced the MVCV Spirit poster
2014 Began skill enhancement training for trainers (seminar on philosophy and information exchange session)
Launched the Workplace Dissemination Working Group to revise the Code of Conduct 1000 and update it
2015 Revised the English version of MVCV (in preparation for roll-out overseas), and produced the Odyssey video
2016 Launched updated MVCV web page and produced the English version of the Odyssey video
2017 Began MVCV training for overseas Group companies
2018 Implemented “MVCV scenario recruitment” and implemented MVCV training for management

Fiscal 2019 Plans and Activity Results

Fujikura has designated the month of October each year as Focus on MVCV Month and provides training in which all employees participate. We have done this to enable employees to naturally base their actions on the Group Corporate Philosophy of MVCV.

In fiscal 2019, we selected cases that focused actions aligned with our core values of exceeding the expectations of customers (Customer Satisfaction), contributing to progress of society (Change), and things that we should place importance on (Collaboration) from among the outstanding cases that received awards in the "MVCV Image Video" scenarios contest and produced a video for using in MVCV education. This enabled all employees in the Fujikura Group to view this video of outstanding cases and gain new insights into and identify with the values and views that Fujikura has always cherished. Holding an MVCV interpretation workshop provided an opportunity to think about the reason why the Fujikura Group exists, the things it has always cherished, and our corporate value (brand). This has enabled us to gain a fresh awareness of the MVCV Group corporate philosophy.v

Fiscal 2019 Plans and Activity Results, and Fiscal 2020 Plan

FY2019 FY2020
Main Activity Theme Plan Activity Results Plan
Make sure the Group Corporate Philosophy of MVCV takes firm root 1. Develop the trainers Implemented philosophy training and MVCV promotion committee training 1. Develop the trainers
2. MVCV training by grade level New employees, second year training 120 participants, management training 18 participants 2. MVCV training by grade level
3. MVCV educational activities in which all employees participate 279 workplaces reported on activities during Focus Month 3. MVCV educational activities in which all employees participate
4. Prepare for roll-out to overseas groups Provided training to overseas Group companies 4. Roll out to overseas groups
5. Communicate and share information Updated the MVCV web page 5. Communicate and share information

MVCV global workshop

MVCV training by grade level

Number of participants in MVCV training by grade level (FY2019)

Target Participants (breakdown)
New employee MVCV training 74 people (56 men, 18 women)
MVCV training for the second year after joining 51 people (42 men, 9 women)
Philosophy training for the trainers 47 people (44 men, 3 women)
MVCV training for Mid-Term Management Plan team members 34 people (32 men, 2 women)
MVCV interpretation workshop 44 people (42 men, 2 woman)
MVCV training for overseas group companies 12 people (17 men, 13 women)

Survey of MVCV Penetration through an Organizational Diagnostic Survey (2019)

Survay Targets
Survey on organizational maturity 2,632 (2,115 men, 450 women, 67 unspecified)