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Expansion of Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmentally Friendly Products

The Fujikura Group is working to improve environmental performance by conducting product environmental assessments that evaluate environmental consideration in the life cycle at each stage of product planning, development, and design.

Products that meet the standards are certified as "green products" or "green mind products". Our target is to register at least 60 environmentally friendly products every year.

Green Products

 Total registrations of environmentally friendly products

Green Mind Products

The Green Product Management Committee screens the lifecycle assessment check sheets submitted by the business divisions and registers products that meet the predefined criteria as Green Mind Products.

The lifecycle assessment check sheet was established in 2011 and has been updated regularly ever since. The Green Product Management Committee is chaired by a representative from R&D divisions and comprised of members selected from each company.

In fiscal 2019, 60 new Green mind products were registered, bringing the cumulative total to 665. In addition, the ratio of green-related products (total of green mind products and green products) to sales exceeds 40%.

Green Products

Under our Green Product certification system, which we have established to foster the development of more environmentally friendly products, we certify products that are even more conscious of the environment than Green Mind Products as Green Products. We label Green Products with the Green Project mark and approve the use of this mark according to the rules for ISO 14021 Type II environmental labeling.

In fiscal 2019, there were no violations of information or labeling of products and services nor regarding marketing or communication.

Environmentally Friendly Products (Certified in FY 2019)

Telecommunication Systems

200um 6,912F WTC® Product Description 200um 6,912F WTC®
Application Super multi-core optical cable that can be laid in a limited space. Contributes to increasing the capacity of optical fiber networks that support 5G / IoT.
Environmentally conscious 【Resource saving】Compared to the case of using two 3456 core cables released in 2017, the cross-sectional area and weight have been reduced by 11% and 12%, respectively, to achieve resource saving.

Telecommunication Systems

光ケーブリングシステム(24心少心架空ケーブル) Product Description 4 ribbon optical fiber fusion splicer: 19R+ (plus)
Application Fusion connection of optical fiber
Environmentally conscious 【Energy saving by improving workability】The windshield open / close switch improves workability when the fiber is attached. In addition, automatic adjustment and repair by Bluetooth® and notification of replacement parts are possible, which leads to shortening of maintenance time.

Electronics business

自動車用ワイヤハーネス Product Description FPC
Application Since it is thin and flexible, it is used for wiring that is placed in the gaps of small electronic devices or has moving parts.
Environmentally conscious 【Reduction of environmentally hazardous substances】The flame retardant contained in the adhesive for bonding copper foil and polyimide base material has been made halogen-free. As soon as the customer's authentication is obtained, we will switch sequentially.

Sensors business

FPC(フレキシブルプリント基板) Product Description Small-size Oxygen Sensor FCX-UWL
Application Oxygen concentration detection
Environmentally conscious 【Miniaturization and weight reduction】By reviewing the sealing method, the height of the oxygen sensor has been reduced (17 → 10 mm). As a result, we have achieved a weight reduction of 20% while maintaining the same performance as before.

Connectors business

FPC(フレキシブルプリント基板) Product Description Connector terminal 
Application SIM card connector for Smart phone,Hard disk connector terminal
Environmentally conscious 【Reduction of precious metal use】By improving the air knife spray nozzle after gold plating, the carry-out of gold plating solution has been reduced by 99% or more. In addition to SIM for smartphones, application is expanding to various products.

Thermal business

FPC(フレキシブルプリント基板) Product Description Fine Pitch Cold Plate
Application CPU cooling for supercomputers
Environmentally conscious 【Energy saving by improving performance】By optimizing the fin structure by flow rate analysis, the cooling performance was improved by 10% or more for the same product size.

Automotive Products

BNC75型同軸コネクタ Product Description Ultrasonic Welding Terminals
Application Joining electrical wiring in a car
Environmentally conscious 【Energy saving by weight reduction】The material of the terminals used in the past was reviewed, and the thickness and weight were halved.

New business

ファイバレーザFLP-G11シリーズ Product Description Schematic of Superconducting Wire S9-4230E/1200E
Application Medical coil, analyzer coil
Environmentally conscious 【Material reduction by improving performance】Improvements were made to increase the critical current density, and the Hastelloy substrate, which is the base material, was thinned from 75 μm to 50 μm to achieve resource saving.