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Fujikura Group’s Value Creation

The 2030 Vision

Through Open Innovation,
We Will Work on Realizing the 2030 Vision

The Fujikura Group formulated the 2030 Vision in March 2017.

While the world is trying to change with unprecedented scale and speed, it is indispensable to properly respond to the issues of the coming "MIRAI" society in order to open up the future of the Group itself thinking about. Although it is a future that can not be reached by the accumulation from the present condition alone in 2030, it is a time axis suitable for drawing milestones, not merely reachable, and setting milestones towards it.

Under the slogan that the Fujikura Group solves the problems of a comfortable and sustainable MIRAI society by continuously providing a Tsunagu solution, and continually enhances corporate value, the four assumed markets We will work on the creation of new value through open innovation in the field (Advanced Communication, Energy & Industry, Life-Assistance, Vehicle).

2030 Vision

Four market areas and value to offer

Four market areas and value to offer

Specific Initiatives

Partnering with Two Accelerator Companies

Fujikura is currently expanding initiatives aimed at realizing the 2030 Vision. We are implementing a “shared value creation model” of open innovation because we recognize the need to make effective use of external resources.

To be specific, we have partnered with two accelerator companies and have begun collaborating with venture firms. We teamed up with Creww, a company that possesses Japan’s largest open innovation platform, and worked on an open innovation program for venture firms that uses a public bidding format.

We also became a corporate partner of Plug and Play Japan, which supports venture firms worldwide, with a main focus of Silicon Valley, and are taking on the challenge of creating new businesses by partnering with many kinds of venture firms around the world.



Establishment of BRIDGE Fujikura Innovation Hub

We built BRIDGE Fujikura Innovation Hub, on the seventh floor of our R&D center in Tokyo to strengthen initiatives that generate innovation. BRIDGE consists of an event space, co-working space, meeting space, and other special purpose spaces. It is a venue where we can gather various people from corporations and organizations, research institutions, national and local government agencies, and others to work with Fujikura in co-creating value. Many programs are being held in BRIDGE, including seminars on the topic of innovation, events to introduce advanced technologies, events to pitch enterprising venture firms, and symposiums and workshops aimed at solving social challenges. We definitely want to make BRIDGE a venue that everyone comes to in order to network with various types of human resources and share their ideas with a wider audience. We look forward to debating points of view, taking on challenges, and, together, spurring innovation that will change the world.

BRIDGE Fujikura Innovation Hub logo

Fujikura Innovation Hub BRIDGE Space Sketch






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